The Grayveils

The Grayveils are a group of undead tasked with leading and building upon Necropolis.


Ms. Pepperpot was made the leader of the Grayveils due to her compassionate spirit and willingness to work around the clock to provide a safe place for sentient undead to call home. Everyone looking to settle down in Necropolis is personally interviewed by her, so long as they have enough of their mental faculties left, and she has the final say on who becomes a resident of the town.   Lucky Kociak and Morticia are powerful mages tasked the Transfiguration ritual that undead undertake in order to free themselves of corruption and gain back their sense of self-control. When the two of them aren't handling that, they work alongside Ms. Pepperpot to interview potential residents to keep out any potential necromancers or saboteurs.   Kataledaris Amall and The Whisperer handle much of the town's security. Kataledaris is responsible for training and tending to the town's Elusa hounds, as well as recruiting guards, and assigning hourly patrols. The Whisperer, while not officially a member of the guard, attacks anything that threatens Necropolis and its residents.   Horatio acts as the ambassador of Necropolis, and as such, he travels far and wide to secure alliances with neighboring settlements. Discretion is needed for such a job and he's not quick to reveal the true nature or name of Necropolis until he's sure that potential partners are trustworthy. Jordeira Ferus is the founder of Necropolis, but passed the title of mayor to Ms. Pepperpot so he could focus on other endeavors. He's seldom in town, traveling often for monster hunting, but when he is around, he's training future hunters at Kronia Academy for Hunters.

Public Agenda

The Grayveils cling onto the hope that one day, they'll be able to unite the living and the undead. While their current goal is to provide a safe home to sentient undead, further expansion could lead to new opportunities for their people, but it could also lead to many problems. Namely acts of violence fueled by fear and prejudice, as well as attempts to gain control over the undead. As such, the Grayveils are constructed a plan of action for the day of contact and arming their people with the knowledge they need to stay safe and sane if such a situation arises.

"Crescens in aeternum, vita aeterna."

Government, Leadership
Alternative Names
The Forgotten, the Court of Bones
Government System
Power Structure
Semi-autonomous area
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Barter system
Controlled Territories

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