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Sicilians are the residents of the island of Sicily, a majority of them being the descendants of Basillian catfolk who migrated from the archipelago. Sicilians are known for their rich cocoa beans that are used in the production of some of their confections. It's a luxury export and as such, is quite expensive. Very few nations can afford it, but the ones that can buy several pounds of cocoa beans.   Like The Isles of Basilla, bananas are another sought after export. While their bananas don't have the same sweet, candied flavor that the archipelago's do, they still have a great flavor profile. These bananas are especially good for baked goods that require banana flavoring, but one that isn't overwhelming on the taste buds. The Sicilian caverns that wind around their volcano are rich with deposits of copper, lead, and nickel. There's smaller deposits of gold and occasionally diamonds.   Something that can't be found on Basilla, but is common on Sicily are avocados. They're harvested by the natives that live deep in the jungles and used to trade with merchants who deliver them supplies, such as building materials and necessities that they can't acquire by other means. These merchants turn around and sell these avocados at produce markets, or they gather a whole shipment that's bought and exported to the mainland. Avocados are hard to come by on the mainland due to the environment not being the right climate for their trees.


Major language groups and dialects

Due to Sicily primarily being a tourist destination nowadays, the locals mainly speak common, but tend to have thick accents that are heard with their native tongue. As such, their inflections and tones are quite melodic, though it's hard to catch that quality due to how quickly they speak.
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