Session 97: Puzzle Quest

General Summary

Before we make our way to the island, we visit Pandemonius and tell him about his cultists. Despite Disarray stating that he talks to him all the time, Pandemonius says he's never interacted with him directly. Afterwards, we go to Industria's house so she can pick up her dark grimoire to use as a bargaining chip with the Order of the Tenth Circle. Elathera asks Rikius to create a copy of her map of Hell and sends him into a pocket dimension in order to finish it quickly. After we teleport to the island, we arrive on dilapidated castle grounds.   Elathera peers back in time and sees two figures who move inside, write a letter about continuing their work on the northeast shore, and then burn the letter without saying a word. Industria assumes that's how we get in touch with the Order, so she writes them a letter that says we want to meet with them. After she burns it, a gnome named Fleur-de-lis arrives. She's not a member of the Order, but she is a time traveler. She arrived from several years in the future and tells us that we can't make contact with the Order until we solve all of their puzzles.   The puzzles require time magic to reveal hints...or a very perceptive catfolk. When we reach the shore, I scramble about and find a marked rock. Elathera sees that it's enchanted to be impenetrable, so Industria undoes it with magic. It destroys the rock, but not correctly, so Elathera reverses time for the rock until it's whole again. I turn into a clown fish to search under the water and find a protean who definitely knows I'm there. In fish form, I leap from the water to do a sick ass backflip, but Industria thinks the local wildlife is trying to kill itself, and rushes to save me. I turn back into myself midway in the air, leaving Industria no time to process this until I'm crashing into her.   After explaining what I saw, she calls out to it. The protean shapeshifts into a two-headed kaiju as it steps out. It tells us that it has nothing to with this puzzle as it's a part of the final test. We'll have to fight it, but it says we have to find it correctly. The only way to accomplish this is to piece all the puzzles together. We've already skipped over three of them from the information Fleur gave us, but we reluctantly move through the next few. The final test before kicking the protean's ass is to craft a scroll of a 10th level spell in a very specific cave. Only then are we allowed to return.   I put on Iolond's mask to see if there's any secrets lying around, but I only see the island as brighter and more colorful compared to its normal appearance. Fleur demands to know what the mask is and even wants to look it over herself, but we keep our secrets. We leave off on the 8th puzzle, which takes us to a waterfall.

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Report Date
14 Aug 2022


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