Session 96: Law & Order

General Summary

While Industria works with Aizen to prepare Viola's funeral, me and Elathera question Viola about her family's history. Besides being among the original pilgrims, her parents were prominent leaders that founded the village that later grew into the city of Trieste. Her mother, Eudora, travels often nowadays. And her father, Iskander, fell ill and died after Trieste was founded. We wonder if Iskander was afflicted by a similar curse, so Industria helps us contact Eudora. We have her meet us at the Temple of Sabella. Eudora says it wasn't a curse that took Iskander. It was a parasitic infection that he likely caught during their pilgrimage to Caelsimil.   We ask if her family has any enemies and she immediately speaks of an elf named Astra Lestari, who used to be a good friend of hers. He became jealous of Iskander when the two married and she hasn't spoken to him in ages. Once Eudora makes her leave, we scry on Astra, who's busy painting. Elathera and Industria detect necromantic magic on him, so we're suspicious immediately. I'm sent in to steal his spellbook, only to remember that I could read his mind. Looking into his mind reveals that he's not the man we're looking for. I thumb through his spellbook anyways, finding nothing of interest.   Before returning to the others, I steal a book about the early history of Caelsimil. Inside of it, Astra has been writing notes in code. Our next lead is the ballroom in which the crime took place. We teleport there, interrupting a book club meeting. Industria sells me out to the crowd, using me as a distraction so Elathera can use her magic to peer back in time. Viola was attacked by a masked figure with blue skin and red eyes. When she traces the teleport spell the figure used, it leads us into the Lluvia Forest. Unfortunately for us, our target passed through the forest a week ago. With another dead end, we press onwards in the hopes of finding something. That something ends up being a piece of torn fabric.   With another scrying spell, the culprit is revealed to be a sickly looking tiefling. He's back in Florence though, waiting around a back alley near Industria's home. We decide to flex our authority, which turns out to be a fucking mistake, and get into a physical confrontation. We take the self-proclaimed prophet, Disarray, and his two friends into custody. They're booked at the Lodge awaiting interrogation and as Industria returns with Aizen, Viola, and Eudora; Admiral Veeshee has gotten word of our shenanigans. While she wishes to be present for the interrogation, we're all unnerved by how quickly she found out about this.   Industria shoos her from the basement, allowing her to watch silently through a scrying spell cast by Elathera. I read one of Disarray's friend's mind, learning that they want to find the Order of the Tenth Circle in order to steal their artifacts and use them to bring about the apocalypse. It turns out that these three incompetent and self-righteous weirdos are the people Pandemonius mentioned awhile back. Disarray's plan was to murder Viola in order to lure Iskander out from hiding. He's supposedly still alive, which is news to his daughter and wife.   With the interrogation done, we scry on Iskander and find the secret hideout of the Order of the Tenth Circle. It turns out that they're actually hiding within a pocket dimension, but said dimension can only be accessed through the island. Before we leave though, we have to update Pandemonius on what's happened.

Character(s) interacted with

Viola Marguerette
Aizen Umber
Eudora Marguerette
Veeshee Lemont
Report Date
07 Aug 2022


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