Session 93: Times Are Changing

General Summary

Every last bit of loot is collected from the Baba Yaga's home, including a sanguine devil talisman. Bound to it is a bdellavritra named Zacharias...the Unbound. It's intrigued by us because we killed the Baba Yaga. According to Zacharias, it was unwillingly bound by her ages ago; long before the current iteration of the material plane came into existence. It seems accepting of its situation and upon reading its mind, I learn that while it can communicate with outside forces, it doesn't have any contacts in this day and age. It also doesn't have a personal agenda, though it is curious about everything and anything. Elathera's worried about Zacharias listening in on our plans, but given that the Unbound is most certainly bound and has been for thousands of years, Industria doesn't see a cause for concern.   With a cultist meeting tonight, Industria and Dandy head to the park first. She disguises herself as a tree while I arrive shortly after in the form of an owl to keep watch. The others throw on some robes and try to blend in with the cultists, and despite being told to keep a low profile, Elathera spends too much time crafting stories for her elderly disguise rather than probing for information on Dradjit. The cultists meet based on the moon cycles and are on the sixth ritual out of the eight needed to summon an outsider that'll help them contact their night goddess. With not much information turning up, we consider this mission a bust, and sabotage the ritual before moving onto our next plan.   Why not meet with Dradjit personally? With Pandemonius's help, we meet her outside of the ruins of the Library of Forbidden Knowledge. It's an incredibly awkward conversation, but Dradjit agrees to keep a line of communication open with us so long as we promise to stop sabotaging the rituals of her followers. We shake on it and then she tells us we should leave as soon as possible. Asmodeus has put a bounty on our heads and his forces are closing in. They'll be able to track us through our usual means of transportation, so we travel to the city of Dis to speak with one the Queens of the Night, Eiseth. She's impressed by the major headache we've caused for Asmodeus, so she's more than happy to help us escape Hell.   We're sent into the Bloodclefts next, where we meet Areshkegal. We get her to agree to keep communications open between us all, as we did with Dradjit. Our last stop is a peaceful grove that serves as the domain of Nomias. She knows quite a bit about us due to her extensive travels around the material plane, as well as reading my books. After polite conversation, she teleports us to Florence, where we're left to prepare for another trip to the Plane of Time.

Character(s) interacted with

Lucky Kociak
Jordeira Ferus
Rikius Falenmir
Zacharias the Unbound
Report Date
20 Mar 2022


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