Session 92: Null and Void

General Summary

For the next two days, Elathera creates a Russian nesting doll of planes in order to imprison the Baba Yaga. The rest of us research her associates and come up mostly empty-handed. After finding a cover shop for the local thieves guild, I'm given a paper with directions to a park where worshipers of Dradjit will be meeting in a couple of days. Otherwise, finding the rakshasa may prove difficult seeing as how her last known location was the Abyss. We need to imprison the Baba Yaga before infiltrating the meeting, but doing so will prove risky as she's living the life of a public figure these days.   She's Mungo Esperus, the preacher of a made up god. To keep innocent lives safe, we decide that it's best if we lure her to an abandoned part of town. Elathera disguises herself as a cryptic, old wizard named Grimshaw. After sealing a letter to tell Yanca where to meet Grimshaw, the letter is passed on to a random mercenary. He's to deliver it to Esperus promptly, but the show Elathera puts on has this mercenary making other plans instead. He reads the letter and passes the message along to his friends. While we hide out in the cemetery to ambush the Baba Yaga, a crew of halfling thieves make their way over instead. Despite their shroud of invisibility, I spot them and alert the others. With Elathera's time stopping abilities, we apprehend them before they can draw their weapons.   After threatening them a little, they realize that they want nothing to do with this. We urge them to tell their friend to complete the job he was paid to do, otherwise bad things will happen to all of them. They're more than eager to do as asked, especially because it means they won't possibly explode when they go to sleep tonight. We continue the waiting game afterwards because unfortunately for us, Yanca is as paranoid and cautious as we are. She's taken several unnecessary steps to ensure her survival after her brush with death. Inside of her mansion, she has a mage's magnificent manor active as her designated panic room. When the letter arrives, she hides away, sending a body double out to deal with it. After he magically inspects the letter and finds no traps, Yanca returns. Yet another body double arrives on scene to be her messenger.   He's told to head to the meeting, but before she can say anything more, Grimshaw sends a message to her. He demands that she make herself present as he won't deal with a middle man. Yanca refuses and we're back at square one. Her suspicions of this meeting are rising and if she hides away in the magic manor, we won't be able to do a damn thing to her. While the others figure out how to salvage our plans, I visit Iolond in the In-Between. After a bit of back and forth, I realize that with a wish, Iolond could simply make her magic manor vanish. At that rate though, why don't we just cut her off from her magic permanently? Given that Iolond's the god of magic, they can surely do such a thing. It comes at a price though, that price being my remaining summoning salts.   After a fierce, internal debate, I hand them over and Iolond works their magic to undo the Baba Yaga's, leaving her in an immediate panic. Industria demands that she come meet us and Yanca does so, hoping there's a deal to be made to regain her magic. After talking with us though, she realizes that it's gone for good and since she's not willing to live a life without her powers, she slits her throat. While her soul could have proven useful being bound to a book, we decide that it's better to honor her choice and let her die. After giving Yanca a proper burial, we head back into town and claim the home she had been living in. It's to become another lodge for the Order, but for now, it's our resting spot.

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Report Date
27 Feb 2022


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