Necropolis is a town founded by Jordeira Ferus and Lucky Kociak to serve as a safe haven for sentient undead who are looking for a new life. It lies within Caelsimil, about a hundred miles out from Trieste. Once known as Atrani, the town was attacked by witchfire and any survivors fled, leaving it a ghost town. Jordeira took a contract to kill the creature and once it was done, he decided to claim the town for himself. He forms a council of sorts, The Grayveils, to run the town in his absence.   The town's located within a forest clearing beneath sheer cliffs. These cliffs form a natural barrier around much of Necropolis, protecting it from the elements and keeping it out of sight. A wall was constructed at the southern end of the town to shield it from any prying eyes on the road nearby. They have several shops, including a textile shop that's decorated with brightly colored banners and streamers. There's a single blacksmith that operates day and night due to its owner being undead. Other shops include an armorer, several inns, a general store, and an open marketplace near the main gate. The mortal citizens can find fresh goods that are imported from a nearby town daily.   With the permission of the Grayveils, the Order of the Oracle's Eye set up a lodge on the northern side of town, called the Grey Order. In the agreement signed by both parties, the Order is to provide protection to Necropolis when necessary and they can remain there to go about their business undisturbed. A few miles outside of town is the Kronia Academy for Hunters. It's a school devoted to training undead and mortals to put their skills to good use as monster hunters. They're given proper combat training and educated on all manner of magical and otherworldly beasts.   The cavern systems that wrap around Necropolis have been repurposed as a compound for undead undergoing Transfiguration- Begin Anew. There is a level of tension between the undead and mortal residents due to prejudice on the latter's part, but any mortal is welcomed through the gates so long as they keep their hands and their magic to themselves. The only mortals not welcome are necromancers as they bring several risks with them, the major one being their ability to control the undead. Mind altering magic is forbidden within the walls and failure to abide by that ban can lead to unfortunate consequences.   While there are trained guards, much of the town's protection is in thanks to a crypt thing that the locals call the "Whisperer". It can't remember its name or the life it had before and sits motionless at the mouth of its cave until it's needed. It will happily engage in conversation with those who come by to speak with it. Another form of protection is through a pack of elusa hounds. They're specifically tasked with keeping a watchful eye on outsiders capable of using magic in case they intend to do harm to Necropolis' residents.


650 of the inhabitants are undead in nature, ranging from zombies to vampires to even specters. The other 150 citizens are mortals who were displaced from their original settlements due to famine or they're members of the Order of the Oracle's Eye living in the lodge. Professions include loggers, farmers, carpenters, merchants, a blacksmith, and textile workers. These are not all of the jobs one can find in Necropolis, but they are the most common or noticeable.

Industry & Trade

Necropolis mainly keeps itself afloat with logging operations. With the world still carrying prejudice against undead, it's too dangerous to open their gates to every traveler that passes by. Those with the ability to disguise themselves through magic are tasked with establishing trade routes with trusted towns and villages. Through these places, Necropolis is able to sell timber in bulk to many companies, their biggest orders usually coming from military encampments.   Necropolis is also involved in the fur trade. Many of its citizens have taken up hunting as a hobby and after the meat is passed onto the mortals in their walls, they clean up the pelts and sell them to merchant caravans.
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