The moonglow is a flower native to the Feywild, grown from the imagination of the archfey, Artiana Aphrona. The only place one can find a moonglow on the Material Plane is within the hidden village of Nevarre¬†and its surrounding valley. Its shape is comparable to that of a dalmatian bellflower and is midnight blue in color. The flowers only bloom at night, their magical properties growing much stronger if moonlight is present.   As their name suggests, they do indeed glow and when touched, they release glittering orbs to drift on the wind like a delicate trail of starlight. The moonglow is a flower of protection, one that wards off evil and the corruption born from it, such as curses. It has curative qualities as well, lending itself to the medicinal practices of the healers in Nevarre. It's sought after by outsiders who learn of its existence in the hopes of saving loved ones, or themselves, from terminal illnesses.   Moonglow are not to be consumed directly. While their magic may not be as strong as other sources, they are a product of the Feywild and as such, eating one can result in unforeseen consequences. One can find themselves ripped through the veil between the Material Plane and the Feywild, leaving them trapped indefinitely. Another may be struck by an insatiable hunger that mortal food will no longer quell, or be cursed by the "green caress", which will steadily turn the victim into a plant and eventually root them in a single place for the rest of their life.   The flower is best utilized by steeping its petals in water blessed by an archdruid, which is then made into a restorative tea. The seeds may also be ground up with certain herbs to create a healing paste that should only be applied to open wounds. Moonglow make excellent charms of protection, so those who have acquired one might turn it into a piece of jewelry. They grow in clusters on the forest floor, though their vines will sometimes wind around trees.
by Kal V (generated by OpenAI)
Light, powdery, and floral with a hint of green tea.
Floral and minty.
Midnight Blue
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Cover image: by Kal V, derivative work created with the Canva Content License


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