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Grand Magician Louhi Morozova

A famed, powerful mage who lived on the material plane several centuries before present day; she was known for her incredible magical prowess.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

As the daughter of two traveling minstrels, Louhi spent most of her young life on the road. Without a permanent residence, she was often alone in unfamiliar territory while her parents busked or performed in local establishments. With little else to do, she spent her down time studying and practicing magic. As her skills improved, she worked to refine them and manipulate spells in minor ways to achieve certain effects.   As she reached adolescence, she used it to perform street acts of her own, enhancing the show with flashy and extravagant displays. It wasn't long before she started booking gigs herself, using the advice of her parents to avoid falling victim to opportunistic businesses who sought to take advantage of her age and perceived naivete. It was this along with her bold attitude and confident demeanor that earned Louhi a reputation for being tough and clever even as a teen.   In time, she and her parents naturally seperated as her brand of performance called her to different places and venues. Unfortunately, as she reached adulthood, interest in her performances quickly waned. She learned that much of her appeal had come from her young age, and as an adult, people weren't so impressed with her flashy show magic - of which many could do themselves.   Her reputation remained, however, and Louhi took adavantage. She switched up the act, advertising herself as a bold thrill-seeker instead, using her magic or her wit to overcome daunting challenges and gain glory. It worked like a charm, and with each victory she overcame, her appetite and her ambition only grew. She became like a celebrity throughout her region, and when she wasn't working, she continued to study magic, eventually creating or heavily modifying spells of her own. These became popular in their own right, and gave her claims of greatness legitimacy.   By the time of her final show, she was a renowned mage and considered an arcane expert. As her performance that day came to a close, she boldly announced her next great feat - defeating the Baba Yaga herself and claiming the old woman's home for herself.   It was the last time she was seen by the general public. She found Yanca easily in the Feywild, and wasted no time in challenging her foe to a battle to the death. Should she defeat Yanca, Baba Yaga's Hut would be hers instead. If she were to lose, she knew that Baba Yaga would delightedly feast on her bones. Yanca readily agreed, and the two faced off in an epic battle that ended with Yanca's slaying - at least, that is what is what Louhi believed. When the witch was instead found alive the next morning, Louhi was furious, and claimed the mystical hut to rightfully be hers.   Yanca disagreed. As she had not sufficiently slain her and Baba was still battle-ready it was considered ongoing. Because the two were still bound to do battle with each other, Louhi found that she could not get out the front door. Ultimately, she didn't care. She told Yanca that she intended to stay - even if it meant waiting until the old bitch died - to claim the home that belonged to her.     It was hundreds of years before she was discovered by the Beautiful Girl Squad, the magic in the house seemingly maintaining her youth. With much more important things on the horizon (such as the fate of the entire planar universe), they convinced her to drop the matter, at least temporarily and aid them in their quest. She agreed, but not before making it clear that she had every intention to claim her supposed home from Yanca no matter the circumstance. They broke the curse binding her to the place, and she set off with the party.
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Grand Magician
Current Residence
Dark grey with amber speckles; anisocoria
Black; lush, curly, and voluminous.

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