Genetic Myelotoxplasia Thaumatosis

A hereditary, supernatural manifestation of myelotoxplasia that occurs exclusively in the Kociak bloodline.

Transmission & Vectors

The condition is transmitted through the Kociak bloodline, typically afflicting family members every 3 generations. It is present since birth, although in rare cases, symptoms may take several years to manifest at all. There have been a few examples in which individuals who were born with the affliction never presented any negative symptoms.


It originated from the rakshasa Jahangir, whose first encounter with the Kociaks occurred a couple of millenia from present day. Through intentional long-term integration into the family through coition and and extended, direct exposure, the affliction quickly manifested itself within the bloodline- acting as both a supernatural disorder and a curse.


Much of its symptoms mirror those of average myelotoxplasia. Common symptoms can include:
  • Persistent fatigue and weakness
  • Anemia and unusual bruising, petrichae
  • Bone/joint pain and tenderness
  • Weight loss and difficulty gaining weight
  • Frequent infections
  • Excessive paleness
  • Shortness of breath
  • Loss/lack of appetite
  • Fevers/frequent headaches
Symptoms unique to this type also include:
  • Purple eyes
  • Increased magical affinity


Like normal myelotoxplasia, those with this condition are at an increased risk for asthma and seizures. They are also far more likely to experience heart failure and kidney failure later in life. Metastasis is also possible.
Chronic, Congenital
Affected Species

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