Prophet Ever After Elyson (a.k.a. Disarray)

Disarray is a trouble-causing tiefling and prophet of the peculiar Cult of Ascension.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

He is slender with a small stature and skin that is frequently cold and clammy, suggesting undisclosed health issues. He has sharp features and thick, dark hair, and carries himself with a confident demeanor.

Body Features

He has curvy, pointed ears and a long, thin tail with three sharp barbs at the end.

Facial Features

He has a wide, thin smile that reveals sharp, pointed canines. There are dark bags beneath two of his eyes, and a vertical scar runs through the right side of his lips. His eyebrows are thick and bushy, with a scar running diagonally through the left.

Identifying Characteristics

He has a forked tongue and a third red eye positioned vertically on his forehead. The pupils on two of his eyes appear to be heart-shaped.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Disarray was born to a gnome couple residing in the Lluvia forest, growing up in one of its many secluded villages. He displayed a natural affinity for magic a young age, and his sorcery was only further enhanced by the bizarre, magical properties of the forest itself. A tiefling, Disarray felt unique among peers, and likened himself closer to the multitudes of alien fey that inhabited and ruled the Lluvia forest than to his own gnomish people.   He spent much of his childhood away from the village, trekking throughout the woods around him - despite its dangers. Like his parents' kind, he was naturally curious and prone to exploration. His outgoing nature appealed others to him, especially other gnomes, who admired his natural magical talents and often believed his claims that he had a deeper connection to the Feywild than the majority of their kind. He easily gained friends and eventually a following, something that he was not afraid to use to his advantage.   The admiration of others only reaffirmed his beliefs that he was special. While he didn't have any particular religious beliefs, frequent travel to both Caelsimil and Teme-Rasadar exposed him to the ideas and principals of both religions, and though he found them fascinating, they rarely meshed with his own personal values.   It wasn't until the defeat of the underdark goddess Velevana, when drow began traveling to the surface en masse, that something clicked into place. He was convinced that there was a missing piece of the puzzle somewhere, and in trying to make sense of it, it was Pandemonius's rise to power in Velevana's wake that awoke a spiritual understanding in him. He likened his own peculiar circumstances with Pandemonius's experiences in his ascension, and connected the new god with the Beast of Temekus.   It was from this point that he founded the Cult of Ascension and began receiving what he interpreted as communications from Pandemonius himself. He and his followers believe that he is the incubus god's personal prophet, as well as his spiritual lover, and that it is their duty to summon the god physically to the material plane in order to start the apocalypse.

Personality Characteristics


As the self-appointed Prophet of Chaos, Disarray's ultimate goal is to usher in the apocalypse through spreading chaos and discontent. He believes that the world's destruction at the hands of the Beast of Temekus is not only inevitable, but imminent, and rather than despair over the end of days, he has chosen to embrace it.   He strives to spread what he calls "the good news" through his cult, which works toward hastening the destruction of the material plane via preparation for a ritual in which Pandemonius (who is also the Beast himself, according to Ascndant belief) is summoned and released upon the world.   Disarray believes that he is Pandemonius's chosen, his lover, and that he and other agents of chaos will ascend to greatness at the end of the world, destined to join Pandemonius in power in a new world where the demon god reigns supreme.


Contacts & Relations

  • Termite
  • Cliff Fallender
  • Family Ties

  • Happy-Go-Lucky (Happy) Ellie Song (gnome, mother)
  • Good Fortune Pinkett (gnome, father)
  • Alignment
    Chaotic Evil
    Honorary & Occupational Titles
  • Prophet of Chaos
  • Birthplace
    Lluvia Forest
    Current Residence
    Lluvia Forest
    Bright red with a black limbal ring; thick, dark lashes
    Black and wavy, with a few curls; messy
    Skin Tone/Pigmentation
    Waxy, stone blue
    Aligned Organization
    Known Languages
  • Common
  • Sylvan
  • Gnomish
  • Abyssal
  • Infernal

  • Cover image: by Kal V, derivative work created with the Canva Content License


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