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Basillian Tobacco

A trade resource that contributes heavily to The Isles of Basilla's economy is tobacco. Tobacco grown on the islands has a distinct flavor profile that makes it desirable and sought after by many cultures. The most common type that's exported for cigarette production is emia, which has more subtly than other types and makes it perfect for an everyday blend. Emia tobacco is used by popular cigarette brands on the mainland. A luxury tobacco used for cigar production is liliko. It has a rich, gourmand aroma and its taste has has been described as "spicy", like that of cinnamon or nutmeg.   Liliko is grown exclusively in the Calico Springs region on Maeisha. The cigars it produces are a favorite for the holidays due to its festive taste. They're a staple at the annual Cigar Festival and tend to sell out very quickly. Another highly sought after tobacco is yashkia. Yashkia is the gold standard for lounge cigars. It has a deep, peppery, and smoky taste that pairs well with a glass of pinot noir. It's grown in the Misty Shores region of Rashi and the Sunfish Coast on Sadahg.

History & Usage

Everyday use

Used in the production of cigarettes, cigars, and chewing tobacco. Tribal catfolk use tobacco leaves as dressing for wounds.

Cultural Significance and Usage

Yashkia is commonly used during the Misty Phantom tribe's ceremonies. They pack a ceremonial pipe with it and the pipe is passed around for the tribe to share. It's not much of a ritual per se, but it is a tradition that's been passed down through several generations of their tribe. The tribe is also fond of gifting yashkia to travelers who visit their village.


Each type of these tobaccos undergoes a curing process. Liliko is sun-cured to preserve its aromatic nature, yashkia is fire-cured to give it its signature smoky taste, and emia is mostly flue-cured. Emia is sold in bulk and so it gets redried after purchase to prepare it for long journeys by ship.


The tobacco grown on Basilla isn't exempt from the existence of nicotine within its leaves. As such, smoking cigarettes and cigars made from it can lead to addiction. Excessive usage can lead to health problems such as chronic respiratory issues, cancer of the lungs or throat, and emphysema. Second-hand smoke is also dangerous to those around the smoker and can trigger asthma attacks for those susceptible to it. Smoking liliko tobacco excessively can cause migraines and fatigue.

Environmental Impact

There's been worry of contaminants getting into the water due to tourists and outsiders carelessly tossing aside their cigarette butts. After the formation of The Council of Basilla, a law was put into place to combat pollution before it became a national crisis. Anyone caught littering on the islands is fined. Repeat offenders are given community service. As such, the islands have remained free of pollution for the most part.


Trade & Market

Liliko tobacco is a luxury and limited in stock due to it growing in a single region. Liliko crops are owned by a single family run company and it's been that way for centuries. Emia can be grown anywhere on the islands and as such, is the most common tobacco that's exported from Basilla. It's the cheapest option as well and is sold in bulk shipments to other nations. Yashkia, while it isn't rare like liliko, is also considered a luxury due to it primarily being used to produce fine, Basillian cigars.
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