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Basilla Correctional Facility

The Basilla Correctional Facility was founded shortly after the formation of The Council of Basilla. Before their existence, nobles had their own private prisons to do whatever they pleased wit those they deemed criminals. With the dissolving of their private guards and mercenary crews, a nationwide guard was put in place. The founding of a standardized military by the acting queen's advisor, Rikius Falenmir, led to the construction of the facility. Former guards that served the noble families have joined the force in the hopes of keeping some semblance of power.   To make sure the prisoners aren't mistreated by those handful of authorities, Zakina had several members of the Order of the Oracle's Eye, called the Basillian Brigade, placed among the force to root out corruption before it begins. The facility lies within Iguana Bay on the island of Aladigha, built over what used to be the Gatto estate.

Purpose / Function

The correctional facility is treated as a rehabilitation center for criminals for the most part. The hope is that the prisoners will get the help they need, including some form of therapy, and be able to rejoin society once the process is complete. Repeat offenders of violent crimes are kept within the facility for an indefinite amount of time, especially if their status as a threat to the general population never diminishes.

Contents & Furnishings

While the dungeons are what one would expect from such a space, the cells above ground are surprisingly comfortable. They have cozy beds, blankets, and table for writing. There's also bookshelves within most of the cells. A small window overlooks the inner yard of the castle, while those that are higher within the prison get a beautiful ocean view. The windows are barred to prevent escapes and suicide.


Digging was done beneath the land to carve out space for dungeons, which is where the worst of the criminals reside. One hall within the dungeons has been altered so that prisoners with access to magic aren't able to use it at all.


The Basilla Correctional Facility is a concentric castle with a large central building that serves as housing for the prisoners. It's built from stone and reinforced with thick, mahogany beams. The gate leading in and out of the interior wall is solid iron.


The land the facility sits on once belonged to the Gattos, one of Basilla's royal families and arguably the most corrupted of them. After the exile of their patriarch, Rywa, the family attempted to regain their control over the islands. With many acts that could be considered terrorism, a majority of the family was arrested and sentenced to exile. All their possessions were sold off and the money was used to knock down their estate to build the facility in its place.   While it was originally going to serve as a military fort, the isles were in desperate need of a standard prison instead of a collection of loose jails scattered about. The Gattos that were sentenced to exile were among the first criminals to be locked within its walls.
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