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November Post-Session Character Questions

  • If your character was given the option to say any one thing to each of their parents before they died, what would they say / would have said?
  • Your character has to take a dance class. No choice. I don't know why, maybe they're getting paid for it? Stop asking questions. Anyway, what style of dance would they choose? You can use a real life one or make one up - but if you make one up, you have to explain it. No "Uhhh the, y'know, Serengeti Slide. Done."
  • Sat, Nov 6th 2021 08:04

    1. Huey's father would receive a message that was straight to the point; "You're a miserable, insufferable, little man.". If he could speak to his mother before he died, he would thank her for giving him and his sister a chance to have a decent life. Her compassion and generosity towards the twins, despite her husband's disapproval, means the world to Huey.   2. Huey would willingly take a class on merengue. It's a much quicker and modern style of dance, but still allows its traditional roots to shine through. The key to it all is the hips, which keep moving through the entirety of the dance. It's fast-paced and sensual, and while the classic techniques are fun, merengue really comes alive when its let loose outside of the ballroom. It's also a dance that can be performed with or without a partner, so perfect for a night of clubbing.
    1) Uh. Define parent? Biological? If so I think TT would just abstain- she doesnt know anything about them nor really care. They could be slaves, they couldve sold her, she couldve been stolen. The people who raised her? Fuck them, theyre still slaves and never fought enough to escape. Her former master? Fuck him especially.   2) Serengeti Slide. Done.       TT has learned to dance, shes a shadow dancer- which involves slipping and sliding in and out of darkness. She's quick, and efficient at it.
    Sun, Nov 14th 2021 11:32

    ok i got 5 min go so for her dad it would be fuck you your an asshole and if she got to talk to her mom it would be that she would miss her and wish she wouldnt go   2 slow dancing u know its romantic and shes a sucker for that shit unless she thinks its getting serious oh u know club dancing if shes getting drunk and having fun