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October 2022 Character Questions

  • Talk about some ways that your character deals with stress. What healthy ways do they handle stress? What unhealthy ways?
  • Talk about the landscape where your character was raised. What's the natural and urban environment? What's the population like?
  • Fri, Oct 28th 2022 12:18

    1. For Huey, the worst way he deals with stress is by smoking. Cigarettes, hallucinogenics, whatever it may be. Cigarettes are his go-to though and when he's stressed, he tends to go through his supplies in a short amount of time. As for healthy coping mechanisms, he'll go hunting to distract himself or sketch creatures or his surroundings in his journal.   2. The city Huey grew up in, Belisa, is tropical and coastal. There's lots of palm trees, bright sunshine, and a beach with black sands. It's situated near the mountains, which provides a natural barrier against the colder climate of northern Romaya. Most of the continent's population lives in the south, so Belisa is a very busy place. It's a bit of a tourist trap with its vast amount of markets and curious sights to behold. Crowds are common at all hours as the city has a lively nightlife as well.
    Sun, Nov 6th 2022 10:17

    1) TT handles stress a number of ways, first is just relaxing on the boat and overlooking the ocean, enjoying the rhythmic rocking of the ship. She also enjoys spending time gambling, though she isn't super jumpy and yelly about it like many of the betters.   She also enjoys reading, an activity usually done in her private quarters where it is quiet.   2) TT grew up on a small plantation island, the elven nobility of it used humans to to grow wheat, grapes, and bananas. It was hilly, and oversaw the ocean from atop the mountain the main estate say on