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Talumek Monks

Named after founder Giusuppe Talumek, the Talumek monks are a pseudo-religious monk order found primarily in Abrastien. Like other monks, they adhere rigorous practices in order to achieve a higher state-of-being. Unlike other monk orders, they do not practice asceticism, and indulge regularly in material pleasures.

Talumek consider themselves an ethnic group, and are recognized socially as one. However, Abrastien  does not officially recognize Talumek  as an ethnicity.


The monk order was founded by the half-orc Giusuppe Talumek.

Tenets of Faith

  • Learn and understand through careful observation.
  • Free the mind and body of limitation through substance usage.
  • The body is the ultimate and most reliable weapon and armor.
  • Maintain physique through regular exercises and combat.
  • Experience a wide range of emotions to optimize the mind.
  • Listen more than you speak, and listen when no one speaks.
  • Reliance on oneself, support through one's gang/crew/tribe.
  • Keep secrets and maintain privacy.
  • Practice regular self-control and self-discipline through fast.
  • Demand respect.
  • Self-respect, social honor, spiritual strength.

    Religious, Monastic Order
    Alternative Names
    Gang Monks
    Related Ethnicities

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