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Born as a sickly cub on All-Rock Island, Cayde and his siblings were orphaned after their mother was killed by a poacher. Given the condition they were in, the cubs were left behind to starve to death. In a stroke of good luck, the cubs were found by the surviving crew of the Rose of the Tides and were steadily nursed back to health. Cayde's siblings were weaker than he was, even with some much-needed care, and were sold once the crew reached Serengeti.   Huey Romero claimed Cayde as his own, magically binding himself to the leopard. Cayde was then trained for combat and specialized in defending the crew during skirmishes. He was also trained to return to the ship to find help in case the crew on shore was in trouble. After a year of faithfully serving as an animal companion, Huey obtained an item that allowed Cayde to "awaken". While his physical form remained the same, Cayde had become an intelligent, magical beast. From here, Cayde began to develop as an individual rather than a pet, which led to his bond with Huey becoming strained.   Cayde continued to work alongside him though for the sake of Twenty-Two, who he was very attached to. After a few more years, Huey felt that Cayde could no longer keep up with the crew and forced him into retirement. He was promptly replaced by a bandersnatch pup that was obtained during an encounter with a brine dragon. Cayde now spends his days aboard the Rolling Storm, where he acts as a ship guard.


Contacts & Relations

Twenty-Two: In Cayde's youth, TT always played with him, making sure he could have fun outside of his training. As such, Cayde is very attached to TT and thinks of her as his best friend. Despite his massive size, he still attempts to curl up beside her at night.   Huey Romero: The two have a tense, but cordial relationship. Huey was responsible for his training as well as his eventual "awakening", but was also ready to offer Cayde up for alchemical experiments. Cayde also dislikes how sleazy Huey is and routinely tries to stop him from terrorizing lower crew members.   Amelia Tilly: Cayde doesn't care for Amelia at all. She mistook him for a dog, insulted him one too many times, and is far too arrogant. Cayde would absolutely sell Amelia to a devil for a single corn chip.   Jean DeFouineur: Due to the extra food Cayde manages to get, he considers Stabby a friend.   Nathan Pell: After conversations about Cayde possibly undergoing alchemical experimentation, he's wary of Nathan.   Nyctos, Darcie, and Inami: Cayde considers them all friends, especially so with Inami given how much she used to travel with him.
Current Status
Currently Boarded Vehicle
Year of Birth
795 GTS 4 Years old
All-Rock Island
Seafoam green
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Deep, dark brown with black leopard spots.
320 lbs

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