Summercamp Reading Challenge 2022 Big List & stats

Update 29/08/2022 : 4 new reading challenges have been added, and one has been completed. That adds 38 mentions and 6 authors. The leaderboard has not changed, but there may be new mentions you haven't noticed yet!   Update 30/08/2022 : Added the extra reading article Mochi did. 6 new mentions in total.  

As I read through several Reading Challenge articles, I noticed some people coming up frequently. And I began to wonder how frequent they were. In reality. With no other way to find out, I gathered the mentions in all Reading Challenge articles (submitted to the blog, otherwise it would be hard to track down).


There's a huge table at the bottom of the article. If you want to know whether you've been mentioned, search for your WA username (ctrl+F). Apologies if some people are misnamed, it was late and I may have missed some subtleties. But first, stats!


63 challenge articles

745 mentions

294 authors mentioned


My first surprise was with the variety of authors mentioned. With nearly 300 different mentions, I think we have a pretty good diversity of this year's participants, considering that makes a bit less than half the submissions to the biggest prompt (610 entries). I was also surprised to see that people who I've never ever heard of were mentioned in numerous articles, which just shows how wide the Anvilspace can be!


Now, to count the mentions, I counted every time an article from an author was mentioned. Hence, some are mentioned multiple times in the same articles, which makes the count go up. When it was the author themselves being featured I counted it only once, except when they were mentioned again further down the article, like in Amélie's or TJ's.


Most mentioned authors



Eternal Sage AmélieIS

Amélie I. S. Debruyne
To see what I am up to:WE list of articles and goals.


25 mentions across 20 articles!



26 mentions across 17 articles!


Eternal Grandmaster Hanhula



15 mentions across 12 articles!


Amélie and Qurilion were really close to each other! Until the very last articles, it was unclear who would get on top. In the end, Amélie was mentioned in more articles but Qurilion was often mentioned two or more times. The winner of 7 prompts comes third place, which is no surprise considering the quality of her writing!


The full list is below, with links to the challenge articles mentioning the author. If you discover someone who mentioned you go give them some love! And please correct me if I made a typo, the list was assembled pretty late at night.

  Show the list
Author]Times mentioned]Mentioned by
Qurilion 26 WantedHero Rashkavar tlcassis Strixxline ECCBooks CrazyEddie AmélieIS ShadowMalachi Cerulean_Falcon Rumengol Graylion Stormbril Nnie Tinkertech Bonus Action BladesWillFall Mochimanoban
AmélieIS 25 Rashkavar Kitoypoy Qurilion Notdunmanifestin drunkenpanda591 Strixxline Sh4d0wph03n1x Naelin CrazyEddie ShadowMalachi Lilianacasper Cerulean_Falcon Rumengol Stormbril Nnie Frogdrake Bonus Action Hanhula Secere Laetes Mochimanoban
Hanhula 15 WantedHero Endrise Qurilion Strixxline CrazyEddie AmélieIS ShadowMalachi Rumengol Graylion Stormbril Frogdrake BladesWillFall
nnie 14 WantedHero Kitoypoy Qurilion AmélieIS Rumengol Graylion Jester% Frogdrake BladesWillFall
kitoypoy 12 CassandraSojourn Endrise Strixxline ECCBooks Eliora Yona RiverFang AmélieIS Cerulean_Falcon Rumengol Graylion Hanhula
laurabones 12 Kaleidechse ECCBooks RiverFang CrazyEddie lia_anna Deleyna Stormbril Tinkertech Bonus Action Laria Laria
Stormbril 12 tlcassis drunkenpanda591 Naelin CrazyEddie AmélieIS Nnie Frogdrake Hanhula
Kefkejaco 11 WantedHero drunkenpanda591 AmélieIS Graylion Nightone Ynix BCGR_Wurth
Naelin 10 tjtrewin WantedHero Solstice AmélieIS Lilianacasper Kros! BladesWillFall Secere Laetes
Sh4d0wPh03n1x 10 Rashkavar CrazyEddie AmélieIS Lilianacasper Rumengol lia_anna Hanhula Secere Laetes
Ononomad 9 drunkenpanda591 Strixxline CrazyEddie AmélieIS Graylion BladesWillFall Hanhula
DaniAdventures 8 tjtrewin RPGDinosaurBob Naelin AmélieIS Kros!
Lyraine Alei 8 Solstice tlcassis Sh4d0wph03n1x CrazyEddie AmélieIS ShadowMalachi Graylion Hanhula
PanthersEyes 8 Strixxline CrazyEddie AmélieIS ShadowMalachi Cow2face Secere Laetes Mochimanoban
RiverFang 8 CassandraSojourn WantedHero Rashkavar tlcassis Gortius VIII CrazyEddie BladesWillFall Hanhula
Tillerz 8 SailingOcelot drunkenpanda591 RiverFang CrazyEddie Nightone Bonus Action
WantedHero 8 Kitoypoy RiverFang CrazyEddie Cow2face Graylion Ynix Bonus Action Laria
drunkenpanda951 7 Lyraine Alei ECCBooks SpiveyStrange Naelin AmélieIS Cow2face Deleyna
Kros! 7 tjtrewin tlcassis Naelin AmélieIS
Mochimanoban 7 RandoScorpio Sh4d0wph03n1x Rumengol BladesWillFall AmélieIS tlcassis
tjtrewin 7 Kitoypoy tlcassis Strixxline Naelin AmélieIS Kros! Bonus Action
Wordigirl 7 Notdunmanifestin tlcassis drunkenpanda591 Cerulean_Falcon Nightone Lady Grayish Tinkertech
Colonel101 6 Eliora Yona CrazyEddie AmélieIS lia_anna TaraFaeBelle Tinkertech
Julian Ralid 6 Qurilion harldawg AmélieIS Stormbril Nnie Kros!
LadyChimere 6 Mochimanoban Qurilion tlcassis Eliora Yona AmélieIS
Milladamen 6 Qurilion Naelin AmélieIS Deleyna Secere Laetes Kros!
BCGR_Wurth 5 tlcassis AmélieIS Graylion TaraFaeBelle Laria
CrazyEddie 5 Notdunmanifestin Sh4d0wph03n1x AmélieIS Graylion Nightone
George Sanders 5 Kitoypoy tlcassis Strixxline Sh4d0wph03n1x Graylion
Hiisikuningas 5 DMSirSwank99 Solstice Strixxline AmélieIS lia_anna
Malkuthe 5 Endrise FuriousTribble Solstice Strixxline Lady Grayish
Nightflyer0ne 5 Strixxline CrazyEddie Graylion lia_anna Secere Laetes
Rumengol 5 Rashkavar tlcassis AmélieIS Nnie
SailingOcelot 5 DMSirSwank99 Graylion BCGR_Wurth Kwyn Marie Laria
Saytama 5 Nightone Secere Laetes
Scholarmage 5 RandoScorpio Kaleidechse Qurilion Escritora Novata BCGR_Wurth
Secere Laetes 5 SpiveyStrange Nightone
SoulLink 5 drunkenpanda591 RiverFang Rumengol Cow2face BCGR_Wurth
TinkerTech 5 drunkenpanda591 Rumengol Michael Chandra Lady Grayish Laria
Absinthe 4 Qurilion Solstice ECCBooks Gortius VIII
ChroniclesofEvalaw 4 Strixxline CrazyEddie Jester%
DapperCapricorn 4 RiverFang Graylion Stormbril Bonus Action
dazzlinkat 4 Kitoypoy ECCBooks RiverFang AmélieIS
Dimitris 4 drunkenpanda591 RPGDinosaurBob Deleyna
DragonScribbles 4 Notdunmanifestin Strixxline harldawg Cerulean_Falcon
ECCBooks 4 Kitoypoy drunkenpanda591 Michael Chandra Kwyn Marie
Elise727 4 Lyraine Alei RPGDinosaurBob Nightone
Endrise 4 RandoScorpio Michael Chandra Frogdrake Mochimanoban
hughpierre 4 Nightone
lia_anna 4 Mochimanoban CassandraSojourn tlcassis Cow2face
ninne124 4 ECCBooks Sh4d0wph03n1x Gortius VIII Ynix
RPGDinosaurBob 4 Rashkavar Solstice ECCBooks Tinkertech
Skairunner 4 SailingOcelot FuriousTribble AmélieIS
Stampi 4 Nightone
thechangeling 4 Kitoypoy Qurilion Strixxline Stormbril
amelianite 3 drunkenpanda591 Gortius VIII ShadowMalachi
BasicDragon 3 DMSirSwank99 tlcassis RiverFang
Brandael 3 DMSirSwank99 tlcassis drunkenpanda591
Butcher of SEville 3 tlcassis Strixxline Jester%
CassandraSojourn 3 Escritora Novata Cerulean_Falcon Kwyn Marie
Catoblepon 3 SailingOcelot AmélieIS
Cow2face 3 AmélieIS Mochimanoban
Cryssalia 3 Mochimanoban Rumengol
Deleyna 3 Qurilion Naelin Tinkertech
DesdemonaRose 3 Kaleidechse tlcassis Laria
EmilyArmstrong 3 Kitoypoy ECCBooks BCGR_Wurth
Fireldakuraito 3 CrazyEddie AmélieIS Rumengol
Frogdrake 3 CrazyEddie AmélieIS Nnie
illumiinae 3 Rashkavar Notdunmanifestin Valcin
J.Ables 3 SailingOcelot FuriousTribble TaraFaeBelle
Janet 3 Cow2face Deleyna Bonus Action
Kwyn Marie 3 Strixxline lia_anna Tinkertech
Matheral 3 drunkenpanda591 harldawg Lady Grayish
NicOfTheRocks 3 DMSirSwank99 tlcassis Liafelis
Orthais 3 SailingOcelot AmélieIS Rumengol
PrippyMontyPoppyCock 3 Strixxline ECCBooks Liafelis
RandoScorpio 3 Mochimanoban DMSirSwank99 Strixxline
Revyera 3 Rashkavar Eliora Yona Frogdrake
Siobhanthewriter 3 tlcassis ShadowMalachi Jester%
StressWriter 3 Endrise Valcin AmélieIS
Strixxline 3 Notdunmanifestin Solstice AmélieIS
Theiket 3 Rashkavar ShadowMalachi Bonus Action
Travakh 3 Notdunmanifestin SpiveyStrange Escritora Novata
Usurperkings 3 Qurilion Cerulean_Falcon Laria
Vertixico 3 Nightone
yeslittlehummingbird 3 ShadowMalachi Rumengol
A.J. Ponder 2 FuriousTribble Notdunmanifestin
Adcheryl 2 CassandraSojourn RiverFang
Ademal 2 BladesWillFall Hanhula
Arawlins 2 Qurilion RPGDinosaurBob
Arianrhod SilverWheel 2 SpiveyStrange
AutumnKitsune 2 Escritora Novata Tinkertech
AvalonArcana 2 Sh4d0wph03n1x SpiveyStrange
barriesaxxy 2 Lady Grayish BladesWillFall
Barron 2 CrazyEddie lia_anna
Bonus Action 2 CrazyEddie Nnie
Cerulean Falcon 2 AmélieIS Liafelis
chichirinoda 2 Valcin ECCBooks
CoffeeQuills 2 Eliora Yona Kwyn Marie
Damparo 2 Lyraine Alei Frogdrake
EbonxGaming 2 Cerulean_Falcon Ynix
Ecnemalas 2 DMSirSwank99 Cerulean_Falcon
Eiliagh 2 RandoScorpio TaraFaeBelle
epstenson 2 Lyraine Alei Eliora Yona
Eraellas 2 Solstice Stormbril
ErikBloodAxe 2 Sh4d0wph03n1x Deleyna
Galindaan 2 Mochimanoban Strixxline
Graylion 2 tlcassis CrazyEddie
hellay 2 SpiveyStrange TaraFaeBelle
Inkith 2 Notdunmanifestin Liafelis
Jacob-W 2 drunkenpanda591 AmélieIS
JatinG 2 SailingOcelot Endrise
Jester2b 2 Graylion Jester%
JHickey 25 2 tlcassis Liafelis
Kiyomo 2 Qurilion Escritora Novata
Kummer Wolfe 2 Graylion
KyoAkashi 2 RPGDinosaurBob Jester%
MadToxin 2 FuriousTribble Frogdrake
Maestro X7 2 tlcassis Kwyn Marie
Mgatta 2 Qurilion Graylion
Michael Chandra 2 harldawg Rumengol
Nightone 2 CrazyEddie Secere Laetes
Nundu 2 Valcin harldawg
Ondo 2 Ynix Laria
Rahjar 2 CassandraSojourn Lyraine Alei
Raven Gladstone 2 RandoScorpio Deleyna
Satrium 2 AmélieIS Nightone
Serukis 2 AmélieIS
Snowfyre75 2 Strixxline Michael Chandra
Solstice 2 tlcassis Lyraine Alei
Springheeled Jack 2 Kaleidechse Tinkertech
steelbro 2 RPGDinosaurBob Kwyn Marie
stonebunny 2 FuriousTribble TaraFaeBelle
The_Betrayer_Titan 2 Endrise FuriousTribble
Timepool 2 Strixxline Stormbril
Tyburn 2 SailingOcelot tlcassis
Tyryt 2 Valcin RPGDinosaurBob
Warewolf 2 Kaleidechse Gortius VIII
Ynix 2 CrazyEddie Lilianacasper
Acusiont 1 Liafelis
Afranius 1 Strixxline
AGirlNamedWinter 1 Qurilion
Akimotos 1 Qurilion
Althebard 1 drunkenpanda591
AmazingChi 1 Valcin
anc789sims 1 Kwyn Marie 745
Angantyr 1 BCGR_Wurth
AntimatterNuke 1 tlcassis
aracanespellbook 1 Valcin
ArachCobra 1 BCGR_Wurth
Aranea 1 harldawg
argilbert66 1 Valcin
AshleyMayWrites 1 ECCBooks
Aspela 1 Kaleidechse
Atari 2600 1 CrazyEddie
AuthorGoddess 1 WantedHero
AvalonFaery 1 Qurilion
awgcoleman 1 Lady Grayish
BladesWillFall 1 lia_anna
Bloody_Oleander 1 Strixxline
Callyxtus 1 BCGR_Wurth
CalOfGearva 1 Jester%
capseisen 1 CassandraSojourn
Chrispy0 1 Jester%
ChyINZ7 1 DMSirSwank99
Columbus 1 tlcassis
DA476 1 tlcassis
DarkNymfa 1 ShadowMalachi
DarkTsuyoi 1 CassandraSojourn
DarthNikolas 1 Liafelis
Daskalarch 1 SpiveyStrange
Densverg 1 tlcassis
Dhelian 1 tlcassis
Dirmand Tundra 1 RandoScorpio
DMSirSwank99 1 RPGDinosaurBob
Drax-TheDarkLord 1 Gortius VIII
dustrydruid 1 drunkenpanda591
Dutrius 1 Kwyn Marie
Ecnemalas 1 CassandraSojourn
Elderwinter 1 Valcin
Eliora Yona 1 drunkenpanda591
Ellysium 1 tlcassis
Emperor Charles II 1 Mochimanoban
Escritora Novata 1 tlcassis
Etherianworkshop 1 harldawg
fire007mountain 1 drunkenpanda591
Flyteach 1 SailingOcelot
frankdvm 1 Gortius VIII
Frankie VAlentine 1 Mochimanoban
Gavionara 1 TaraFaeBelle
Generalkael 1 ShadowMalachi
Gern 1 Rumengol
Giabralter 1 Strixxline
Gillymaya 1 drunkenpanda591
Glynyon 1 Valcin
GMcatalano 1 Kaleidechse
Gortius VIII 1 Escritora Novata
Greentop 1 lia_anna
harldawg 1 Ynix
hcraven 1 tlcassis
Heffé 1 Cow2face
HelenaHuman 1 RandoScorpio
Hiturarael 1 CrazyEddie
HumanAfterAll 1 Qurilion
hyperspacehunter 1 Valcin
IndigoChronicler 1 Lady Grayish
Inphysics 1 Endrise
Jackeyblob 1 Ynix
Javak 1 harldawg
JAWest13 1 RandoScorpio
Jdebro 1 Eliora Yona
JoebiWanKenobi316 1 Ynix
Judd Phosley 1 Valcin
KajetanWrites 1 tlcassis
Kereminde 1 Michael Chandra
Killer_Korax 1 FuriousTribble
KingPie07 1 Qurilion
Kohler 1 tlcassis
kveldufr83 1 Secere Laetes
Lazulum97 1 Michael Chandra
Liliana Casper 1 AmélieIS
Locklear 1 Valcin
Lordforte 1 Jester%
LordGalakrond 1 Valcin
lorecastle 1 Qurilion
loreseed 1 Mochimanoban
loyalair 1 Gortius VIII
Luthcarathe 1 Liafelis
Maltacrai 1 Lady Grayish
Mardrena 1 SpiveyStrange
Maximus32 1 Valcin
MeIs 1 Valcin
Melestrua 1 RPGDinosaurBob
MezzoPatricia 1 AmélieIS
Mirescosmo 1 Endrise
Mirrond 1 CassandraSojourn
Mirrond 1 BCGR_Wurth
MissIzette 1 Qurilion
Moondare 1 Rumengol
Moonraven 1 CrazyEddie
NakedGreyhound 1 DMSirSwank99
Nated123 1 harldawg
Nightshift 1 Escritora Novata
no-bees nova 1 Valcin
NorthWhiteWolf 1 Eliora Yona
Nutmeg95 1 Michael Chandra
pa_kalsha 1 Valcin
Patheticbarrel 1 WantedHero
PaulNorris 1 Michael Chandra
Philipwn 1 Mochimanoban
Pookas Kreations 1 Cow2face
Pouil 1 tlcassis
Racussa 1 Secere Laetes
Ragon 1 Liafelis
Rashkavar 1 Sh4d0wph03n1x
Rockchewer 1 Lyraine Alei
Royalfa 1 Escritora Novata
Sai_ 1 DMSirSwank99
scalenex 1 tlcassis
Scotstimberwolf 1 RandoScorpio
ShadowMalachi 1 drunkenpanda591
Shyredfox 1 tlcassis
Solarcat 1 AmélieIS
Solarcat02 1 lia_anna
SparkyTheSec0nd 1 Ynix
StarryMoon52 1 TaraFaeBelle
Sylver Shine 1 Escritora Novata
Szeipusz 1 Valcin
Tanai 1 Solstice
TaraFaeBelle 1 Kaleidechse
[email protected] 1 Gortius VIII
TechnoNomadic 1 Lyraine Alei
tecknarages 1 Lady Grayish
the Big G 1 Lyraine Alei
The humbug 1 lia_anna
The_Archmagos 1 Cow2face
Thenecase 1 tlcassis
Tim-in-a-box 1 RandoScorpio
toffepajja 1 Endrise
Tuisku 1 Frogdrake
Twaren STormborn 1 Michael Chandra
tybarbary 1 ShadowMalachi
Typh39 1 drunkenpanda591
Urania 1 CrazyEddie
ValdusAetherius 1 drunkenpanda591
Vantozexwes 1 Qurilion
Vibeca 1 TaraFaeBelle
Viewol 1 drunkenpanda591
WanderPus 1 Naelin
Writersylvi 1 Valcin
Written Bard 1 FuriousTribble
Xalderane 1 tlcassis
Yelrafekim 1 Hanhula


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What an impressive list…you are a scholar and a gentleperson!

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29 Aug, 2022 07:30

This is so cool! And handy, to make sure I've responded to everyone who featured me. I never would've imagined I'd be the fourth most mentioned either :o That's just, wow!

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Wow! I had no idea how many times I was mentioned! I usually go and comment on each person's article that I mentioned them in my Reading List, but this time, I was a bit late doing it. I appreciate you taking the time to put this together! Very impressive. Much love <3

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