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The Southern Rhyme

A Quiet World of Snow


The southern pole of the planet is by far the most inhospitable to humans. With temperatures reaching below -75 degrees, without the proper equipment it is impossible to survive. Vast sheets of ice miles long cover the frigid waters, making it nigh near impossible for ships to pass through. In the warmer seasons, however, when the area gets a few hours of sunlight each day, the sheets have been known to form cracks wide enough for boats to pass through. This is one of the few areas on the planet that experiences snow in place of rain. The snowfall can pile up to dozens of feet thick atop the sheets of ice, making the terrain even more difficult to navigate.

Fauna & Flora

No plants can grow atop the ice sheets, as there is nowhere for them to plant roots. Below the surface of the water, however, lives a strange species of plant called Floater's Weed. It is a brown plant similar to a tumbleweed in shape and size, and is carried along the water's currents beneath the surface. It is incredibly hard to eat, being very tough and chewy, and most will find little nutritional value in it. The small Piasca fish, however, uses Floater's Weed as a home and form of protection. Two or three Piasca will often make their homes inside clumps of Floater's weed, and are then hidden and protected from those who would wish to eat them. Large Blower Seals, however, have been known to push the clumps of Floater's weed around in the water until the fish are forced to evacuate. The Seals will then easily catch and consume them.

Natural Resources

The blubber of Blower Seals is one of the best insulators in the world, and also burns at a very high temperature once set alight, making it excellent for survival packs.
Alternative Name(s)
The Southern Pole
Desert, Ice

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