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Parvus is a world inhabited by a large variety of small living beings. The Mainland is known to be divided between powerful nations and a brutal clan of giant barbarians. Long ago when the world was chaotic and made of raw magic, the dragons emerged and created was is now known as Parvus. Those powerful beings saw the flourishing wildlife of the world they created and though that it would only be fair to grant them the power of knowledge. None of the dragons expected the small and adorable creatures of their world to be so violent and ambitious. The gift of knowledge by the gods of this world was then chosen as the year zero of a new era for Parvus.   Conflict has been present in the history of Parvus long before writing was even invented. Wars between the nations brought them to rise and fall but only the five great nations have stood the test of time. First of the nations to unite, in 132, was the Pact of the scales. A large kingdom composed of amphibious and reptile creatures who live mostly in humid areas such as jungles and under the sea near the coast of the mainland.The two other nations emerged, in the year 146, and became sworn rivals. The Holy Kingdom of Nekorin and the Micefolkian Reich have been at war ever since they were founded with the exception of 2 years of truce when both kings died in the same battle. The Feathered Imperium was founded in 211 and they held control over more than half of the Mainland for the following 180 years. They then slowly broke apart leading to the birth of the Republic of the Alliance in the year 402. 23 years later the Giant Clan of the Tusk was founded. The large creatures of the clan known by others as Giants started to raid and pillage all surrounding villages and cities.   Now in 512, the world is in a state of turmoil after one of the dragons was found dead by its worshipers in a temple of the Feathered Imperium. The Holy Kingdom of Nekorin have blamed the Micefolkians and called for a crusade. The pact of the scale declared war on the Alliance to reclaim territory they lost 5 years ago and the Giants are still ravaging the countrysides of most nations. Most adventurers chose to hide because of the higher dangers caused by this time of war and chaos but some rare and brave heroes seek answers on the mysterious death of this elder being.