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Session 5 Report (1/5/20)

General Summary

Sad and upset at the fate that befell Hartza, the group heads on towards their mission past the caves. It doesn't take long before they run into an elf battling a huge serpent. After defeating the serpent and seeing some mysterious men flee from behind it, the elf introduces himself as Lurik of the Shadar-Kai stationed nearby. (Played by Greg)   Luckily, he knows the way back to base and leads them home! The leader of the Shadar-Kai promises soldiers to help with the True Order's war as long as they can receive assistance searching for a hidden artifact throughout the campaign for victory. Lurik stays with the group as a liaison between his people and the True Order.   Unfortunately, Lurik doesn't know his way through the mountains and out the other side. He does show them to a different tunnel entrance that will hopefully have a better way out.   The group passes quite a few closed doors in the caves before happening upon another, but larger, halfling village. They speak with a traveling group who agrees to show them the way out for a few gold. It becomes apparent that the halflings only maybe sorta know the way...   After a bit of walking, they find a ravine that "wasn't there before". The group gets across.   Then, at a T-intersection in the tunnel, a group of grey, gruff-looking dwarves tells them not to go straight and they must turn left.   They enter a chamber with no exit but manage to solve a crystal puzzle and open a way forward. Ahead is a large cavern with a lake in the middle. In the lake is an island with two bridges to it and a shrine of sorts with a teleportation circle in the middle. Nigel takes the plunge into the circle and discovers that it leads to a secret wizard library. The library seems to have been left untouched for many many years so the group leaves with 4 books; A journal of the Wizard who lived there, a tome labeled "The Ultimate Guide to Teleportation Circles", and two spellbooks. (Which two is TBD). They also find a map of the immediate tunnels including a way out!   Without further ado, the group follows the map and exits the caves with little resistance. They pay the halflings and let them go back into the tunnels.   The group ventures down the mountainside and towards Mirinheim, which they can just make out in the distance. Hopefully, from there they can catch a boat back to Om Luri to get him up to date on their quest.   Along the way they run into a couple of travelers who inform them that Tolinheim has been taken over by the Cyr Syndicate and that they are looking for orcs! The Syndicate has issued a reward for orc teeth.   Then the group finds a farm and hires the man to take him to Tolinheim on his boat so that they can make better time. They arrive in the afternoon.   A boy named Jafar tells them that someone is looking for them and they can find him in the library. But upon questioning a local guard, the town has no library... They wander into a weird shop for answers but instead just sell Nigel for 50 gold and Camryn gets a mechanical spider.   When leaving the shop they spot Om! Who takes them to his library/ house in Tolinheim and informs them of the Order's battle plans. The True Order has many mercenaries, constructs, wizards, battle ships, and the Shadar-Kai at their disposal. They have begun organizing troops and plan to attack in 1 month. In the meantime, if the group could head to Myrrha Harbor and recruit or "deal" with the leader of the League of Menhet, Hastergas Tork, that would help the True Order greatly.   That night, around 3 am, there is a knock on Mysestra's door and a note is slipped under. The note reads "You are in danger, leave while you still can". Nigel seeing Jafar running down the stairs and away from the rooms. The adventurers leave town immediately! The town's gates are closed, but they convince the guards to let them out anyway.   Until next time!

Report Date
08 Jan 2020

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