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Session 4 Report (12/15/2019)

General Summary

The group starts outside of the tunnel. Through this tunnel lies the Shadar-Kai, who the group is trying to reach.    The "tunnel" turns out to be a network of caves that the group soon becomes lost inside of. After picking up some dim glow crystal torches and stumbling upon a cult ritual, the group decides to use their cube of daylight to point them out of the tunnels!   It leads them to a grand courtyard made of white marble with a dead tree at its center. Above the tree is a hole straight up to the sky above. They are very far underground it would seem as you can only see a speck of light at the top. In the courtyard also dwells a mausoleum made of white marble. The door opens with the slightest touch. Inside there is a coffin with a metal helm sitting on top of it. As Hartza picks up the helm darkness floods the room forming a figure of darkness that snatches the helm and puts it on.    The doors seal shut and the shadow strikes at Hartza. Mycestra crumples on the floor useless. Eilaris and Cameryn manage to throw off the lid of the coffin to reveal a skeleton in ornate black robes inside. Hartza throws his torch in and the skeleton starts to burn. In a rage, the shadow (Demensora) flows inside of Hartza leaving the helm on Hartza's head. The darkness returns from within him and consumes Hartza. The mausoleum begins to rumble and Mycestra regains consciousness. The group is too weak to pull Hartza to safety so the flee.    When the dust settles a shadowy figure with the body of Hartza flies out of the ruins. He bellows to the group - "I am Demensora, now that I am free I will condemn this world to the realm of Sorrow!" and he flies out of the hole in the ceiling.

Report Date
15 Dec 2019

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