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Session 3 Report (12/1/2019)

General Summary

The adventurers boarded the Syndicate ship, the Gita, to meet with Geva Dayton, the leader of the Syndicate. She was interested in their help. She is looking to grow the syndicate's forces and territory and requested that they sail with the Gita to Sosus to meet with the archmage of a secret wizard school. She promises a prestigious place in her ranks for completing the task.   The group agrees!   It takes just over 3 days to travel to the island of Sosus. The group meets archmage Om Luri at the dock, he has been expecting them... After some talking in his home, the truth comes out that he supports the True Order of Parr that is looking to retake the continent for the wizards. Wizard outposts exist all over Parr, each with a wizard tasked with preparing their area of the continent for the continental coup. Cherrycheeks had an outpost in Merinhiem, but no one seems to have heard from him since the fort was attacked. Unfortunately, Cherrycheek's task was of the utmost importance and Luri is asking that they finish it. In the mountains, there is believed to be a Shadar-Kai base. (Shadar-Kai background at the end). Om Luri wants the adventurers to make contact and get their assistance in the coup, it is going to take a lot of firepower and they are a formidable fighting force.   The group stays the night in Sosus with Thana who washes their clothes and offers everyone a bath. Luri also pays 20gold in advance for their services. Upon leaving they learn that the sailors that they arrived with had a mission of their own, Cyr Syndicate banners (Yellow with a Rabbit) are all over town and the city is now under the Syndicate's protection/control. Three and a half days later they arrive back in Tajik. Bando, Geva's assistant greets you when you arrive. Geva seemed to leave town in a rush without leaving any follow-up orders for you, possibly that suspected assassination??? (Liz, to fill you in, the group lied to Geva and told her the Menhet Federation is trying to assassinate her).   But, Bando tells you that in the meantime it would be helpful to spread good word of the syndicate into the countryside. He recommends heading out and helping people with things! The forest and mountains aren't safe, there are a lot of unruly groups and animals out there. Report back with tasks complete and the syndicate will pay for your assistance.   Since the group was planning on heading into the mountains anyway, that seemed great.   They traveled up the river for 4 days until finding the entrance to a cave! They know from Luri's instructions that the path to the Shadar-Kai will be through a tunnel. But, in those 4 days they killed a raiding group of 6 orcs, fought off giant owls that were trying to snatch up the little ones! (Oryn and Cameryn). They also bet Nit Papaya, who lives by the river with her lumberjack husband.


The Shadar-Kai are a group of elves from the realm of shadow, commonly known as Shadowfell. They follow the bidding of the Raven Queen. Often times she sends her servants to the material plane, (that's our plane!), to accomplish her bidding. Depending on the mission, the elves are often not allowed to return until the mission is complete. The Shadar-Kai are not often afraid of death, their soul will just be reborn back in Shadowfell. But they are afraid of dying, and thus returning, before the completion of their mission is complete. Om Luri is hoping that the True Order can work together with this group of Shadar-Kai to accomplish each other's goals. After the Shadar-Kai's mission is completed, they should no longer be relevant to this battle.

Rewards Granted

40 gold for the group (20 from Om Luri and 20 from Bando)

Character(s) interacted with

Om Luri - Archmage of the secret school of Sosus   Bando - Assistant to Geva Dayton   Nhi Vos - Captain of Sosus   Nit Papaya - Wife of lumberjack   Atet - Captain aboard the Gita

Report Date
01 Dec 2019

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