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Session 2 Report (10/27)

General Summary

**Disclaimer** The info in this recap is either what the group learned or were told, it is not necessarily 100% truth.

After a great night's rest in Teireen, the group met with Fiona Odel before being teleported to Merinheim. Desperate for aid, Fiona told them about the True Order and their mission on Parr. They were soon on their way to Merinheim, the last Uculian Empire outpost in the Sea of Bandari. The group quickly met with Captain Almstead who told the group about the current situation. The Emperor wants to unite the Sea and it is his mission to prepare for that invasion, which is apparently 2 months away. The problem is that Merinheim is the last foothold and they are nowhere near ready to invade. The Captain asked the group to help him by assisting with the crime groups by either killing the leaders or getting them to join the Empire. The Crime Factions and their leaders: Geva Dayton of the Cyr Syndicate (Thieves), Hastergas Tork of the League of Menhet (Slave Traders), Selma Baah of the Sails of Indus (Pirates and Gamblers), and Akeem Ali of the Noba Consortium (Craftsmen and Drug Producers).

Moments after leaving the Merinheim keep a catapult demolished the wizard's tower. The fort mobilized and we saw about 24 soldiers, a large mob of peasants, and a rickety catapult assaulting the fort.

Choosing to not get in the middle of this conflict the group found an escape rowboat and Ferin Cherrycheeks. They left the fort and learned that this man was actually a Tiefling sent by the Cyr Syndicate to cause trouble. The group landed on the beach, murdered the Tiefling and headed West. They were assaulted by what I can only explain as a forest assassin, but she was slain quickly and a medallion with a rabbit on it was recovered from her body.

After being quickly tossed out of Taroast, but learning that Geva Dayton was probably in Tajik, the group headed that way. The next morning a sailor agreed to arrange a meeting between the group and Geva, she agreed apparently because the man leads them to a docked cargo ship which they boarded........ Until Next Time.....

**Since it will be a few weeks until we play next I wanted to leave you with a few questions to think about IN CHARACTER.**

1. What is your true opinion on the Uculian Empire? 3 of you have lived your entire lives in the Empire, (This includes the Islands and the coast around that Sea), you've spent the last months/years saving various towns in the Empire, there haven't ever been any wars (that are in the history books) and the people in the Empire live fairly prosperous lives with little conflict.

2. You have been introduced to 3 "groups" so far, 2 of which have asked for your assistance - The Uculian Empire, The True Order, and the various criminal organizations - Which might your character feel most inclined to side with and how do they feel about the conflicts they see brewing?

I ask these questions because with this campaign there are a lot of open paths, I want you guys to pick the types of quests that you go on, but you need to have an idea of allegiance and a goal.

3. So, the biggest question, what is your goal? You're in this region, you came here willingly, your character obviously thought they had a reason for coming, what was that reason?

Report Date
27 Oct 2019
Primary Location
The Sea of Bandari

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