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Session 10 Report (3/15)

General Summary

**So much went down immediately following this session so I am writing this very late, sorry if I missed any details**

This was such an eventful session!   We open in the Loras Mine above Eram. Sadie, the succubus, walks in and starts channeling an orb that grows in the middle of the room. The crystals are pulled towards the orb and as it grows its gravity intensifies. During the battle, Sadie gets pushed back against the small orb, not large enough for her full body to fit, she crumples before disappearing inside. Lurik's sword is also lost in the orb. His inability to summon it back seems to indicate that it was a portal to another plane of existence.   The group runs as the cave shakes and seems to be losing its structural integrity.   They run back to Eram, get a good night's sleep, and meet up with Salad, who smuggles them aboard and into Nashte-Dama. Their mission is to assassinate 3 nobles who fund the Sails of Indus. The council of the Aekron Order was undecided on whether or not to rely on the group to successfully accomplish this mission. As a result, General Bascon has ordered an assault on Indus in 2 weeks. Without the party's success, many believe this assault will end in failure.   The party is smuggled into the basement of a tavern where they learn of a group that supports them, however, the tavernkeepers don't have much support to offer.   In Nashte-Dama on day 1, the party goes shopping for clothes, explores the noble's district, cleans up at the Mermaid's Den, Lurk has some fun next door at the Stiff Rudder, and they find an inn to stay the night.   The next night they find the noble Takish in a bathhouse. Eileris freezes the pool while Lurik murders them in "cold" blood. Pun intended.   (I am not 100% the order of the following events)   Afraid to return to their inn, they find refuge at an alchemist's house. They buy some potions and he gives them a place to sleep for the night.   While walking through the dirty streets of the arcane district, electrified stone golems emerge from the walls and show no mercy in killing the group. Two gnome mages are found in a nearby building, they seem to be responsible for the golem's attacks. Jami said that they were hired to kill them, he is a member of the Castoros's Guard. A mercenary group. He gives them his gold and they let him go. (They did kill his friend downstairs).   The party then makes their way to Julian's Jewelry. They learn that Julian helps Ephitor sell the crystals that are mined from the Loras Mine. He buys most of the crystals the group has, but most importantly tells the group what they needed to know to confirm that Ephitor is already dead. That leaves just one more nobel - Sebek-Khu. He is in charge of overseeing the governing of Nashte-Dama and in charge of all black market dealings within the city. (There is a lot).  
And I believe that is where we left off!

Report Date
12 Apr 2020

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