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Eberron Session 2 (5/24/20)

General Summary

We open on a bloody courtyard scene. The group struggles to fend off waves and waves of undead. Maxine and her pal Paul arrive just in time on a sky cab. They head home and get a good night's rest to reevaluate their plan. Knowing what to expect they decide to return to the scene but with a street map to scout out the surrounding area. They find a busted doorway that leads into darkness. The group finds themselves in a temple of the Cult of the Dragons Below. They run into ravenous hounds before discovering piles and piles of bodies being moved around by dark gnomes. They also encounter a shadowy fella who spares their lives if they leave. So the group leaves.   They return to Llianna to appraise her of the situation and tell her that the artifact that she purchases is the key to defeating the undead around her Inn. She reluctantly agrees to send the bust and her skycab driver with them.   The group may have gotten themselves into a pickle because know they are back in Lower Tavik's landing with a relic that doesn't do anything... Maxine performs a mock ritual and 'accidentally' destroys the relic which allows Zumy to snatch the silver tablet that they needed from inside. The cabdriver is shocked and after leaving to return to Lliana with the news, jumps from the ship to his death. The ship crashes into a nearby building. Is this a blessing? The group hopes so and stages the scene of their death.   One artifact down, one to go. The fire talisman.   Maxine stays home to examine the tablet as the group hunts down the talisman. They head to the city records office and learn that a councilman, Thurik Davandi, recently purchased what they are looking for. He is a gnome who has dealings with the Boromar Clan. '   Camryn uses her feminine charm to get close to Thurik and he informs her that the talisman was stolen, but she could help him get it back! It's locked inside of a Kundarak vault so they will need the help of a dwarf, Maggie, to get in. Unfortunately, he is in prison. Thurik gives them the address of the prison and they head to break him out.   In Lower Dura they come to a dilapidated house with two guards. Masquerading Camryn as a criminal she infiltrates the prison before the group breaks in themselves. The entrance to the prison is a secret elevator in the house's kitchen and only one guard returns to the top. The group minus Camryn attack him and he agrees to take them down.   Next time we will discover the secrets of the underground prison and what happened to Camryn after being left in there alone...

Report Date
25 May 2020

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