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Frost Fang

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The world of Paroushia is a land on the brink of war. Factions of the land all seek control and have there own agendas. These major players are the (Harpers), (The Zentarium), (The order of the gauntlet) and (the Lords alliance). These factions together main tan order an balance but as an era comes to and end a war is about to break out.   The (Harpers) are a order of spies and adventures that seek equality and justice through all of Paroushia. Mainly desert people known for their kind hearts and religious beliefs. They are held as terrorist by the lords alliance due to their gurrella style nature and do not have any loyalty to the crown.   The Zentarium are the last barbarians in the land of Paroushia and reside in the in hospitable north due to losing the war at the end of the dark era. Most of the are warriors and thieves. The zentarium only goal is to win back the homeland the use to control although in modern times they seek to control the north for the ocrks first.   The order of the gauntlet is on of the oldest factions in Paroushia. They reside in the city of insignia 2nd largest in the land and at it center a floating castle. The are a group of mages and clerics and they believe knowledge is power and will protect it at all cost. They are a very secular society and prefer to be left alone to their books to study. They are quiet but quite powerful when war beaks out the do not take sides but they ensure the preservation pf human life and knowledge.   Lastly, The lords alliance. This is the largest faction in Paroushia and serves as the official government power. They are the wealthiest faction and are a group of highly trained solders. Magic is outlawed for lords alliance solders as the believe it is other worldly and demon like. Their soldiers are picked at birth and the king rules with an iron fist.   To conclude, These factions all want order some seek control, some seek equality, and some knowledge. They all fight for resources. will yu be the deciding factor in Paroshias fate.

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