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Pariah Timeline

  • 13000000000 BV



    Big Bang
    Era beginning/end

    The universe pops into existence. A fraction of a second later, the Genitor appears

  • 450000000 BV

    Magisterium forms
    Political event

    The Ansh and Clen form a scientific alliance in order to study an interesting genetic anomaly that appears in every species they find.

  • 5000000 BV

    First Contact
    Discovery, Exploration

    The first meeting between the Ansh and Clen

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  • 15000 BV



    Black Woods Village is founded

    Several Vin left Fish Town to form a small logging village in the Black Woods

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  • 12000 BV



    The first Taking
    Disaster / Destruction

    "The Takers came down from the sky in their black boxes, and took half the village with them"   This is the first time the Eth came to Black Woods village to harvest the Vin

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  • 2175-2496 AD

    bombing of Io, beginning of 300 year war
    Military action

    A terrorist bombing on Io caused the death of the Ionian dictator and his family, leading the Jovians (Europans, Ionians, Ganymedeans) to seek retribution.

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  • 2496 AD

    Titan Accords
    Diplomatic action

    Peace talks occur in the UEEF's fortress on Titan. Outcome: 300 year war ends, Empire of Man formed

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  • 2603 AD

    Greely's opens on Europa.

    This marks the day that Greely's bar sold its first plate of "'fish' fresh from Europa's ocean" to a customer. It was actually ground up ice worms.

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  • 21 BV



    Birth of Tree of Twisted River
    Life, Birth

    Tree of Twisted River, daughter of Leaf of Black Sky and Grass of Silver Disk is born

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  • 1 BV



    Mankind lands on Vij

    The first humans set foot on the planet Vij, orbiting Alpha Centauri

  • 0 BV, 2753 AD

    Vij abandoned

    After the Eth caused a major ecological disaster in retaliation for Mankind fighting them off, Several soldiers go to nearby Vin settlements, warning them of the impending apocalypse, and making plans to move them off-world. Those plans came to fruition on this date.

  • 1 AV

    Bombing of Enceladus
    Military action

    A faster-than-light projectile, sent by the Magisterium, strikes Enceladus, killing 3 million people. This marks the beginning of the Human-Magisterium war