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The UEEF was created by the Empire of Man in the late 2400s, roughly three hundred years before present.     The average UEEF soldier carries: One Oberon Munitions Corps Space-modified Automatic Rifle (SpAR). The SpAR is a gyrojet based weapon. This heavily cuts down on recoil, making it ideal for use in space. OR One OMC Space-modified LMG (SLMG, often referred to as "Slam"): a matching gun variant of the SpAR OR One Space-modified Sniper's rifle (SpSR, often referred to as "Spacer") OR One Falling Rock munitions conglomerate M10 shotgun PLUS 1 OMC Standard Infantry Pistol or submachine gun 3 Titan Arms mk.3 fragmentation grenades, 3 Titan Arms mk.7 stun grenades, and, optionally, 2 mk.11 incendiary grenades AND OPTIONALLY 1 shoulder mounted anti-armor weapon of varying types. VARIOUS DIVISIONS INCLUDE Mobile Infantry "We'll eat these fuckers alive- breakfast lunch and dinner!" These are the soldiers. Mobile Infantry is the most glorified division of the UEEF, and have been involved in nearly every campaign since the UEEF's founding. There are subdivisions devoted to fighting in nearly every type of environment known to man, and some not so well known, including the surfaces of asteroids, the interior of spacecraft, and the vacuum of space, as well as divisions skilled in guerilla warfare, counterterrorism, urban warfare, and law enforcement (technically, the Office of Security rents out Mobile Infantry). Mechanized support "Let's drop something really heavy on them" These are the soldiers with big machines. Mechanized support are the ones in charge of logistics, artillery, and other types of support. Their ranks include tankers, artillery, bridging crews, et cetera. Space corps "Incoming!" They are essentially mechanized... in space! The Space corps not only ferrys troops and equipment from point a to b, but also fights space-based threats. PsyOps "A fearless soldier is a better soldier" Psychological Operations has 2 jobs. Moralize the soldiers and demoralize the enemy. They achieve the former through propaganda, news of victories on other fronts, occasionally showing off some shiny new gun, etc. The latter, on the other hand, is often achieved the same way. However, PsyOps occasionally sanctions assassinations, bombings, state terrorism, false flag attacks, and shock-and-awe tactics on both sides. They often work hand-in-hand with... Military intelligence "Intel is like mushrooms. It's hard to tell when the intel is good" MInt's job is to learn about the enemy, then use this data to learn how to fight them. It's often argued that MInt is just the organizational side of PsyOps. When fighting aliens, they often employ a scientific division to learn about them. SPECIAL FORCES (Section 3) Deep-cover Operators "On it" DCOs are cybernetic operators used for intelligence gathering, assassination, sabotage, and generally demoralizing the bad guys. To become a DCO, one must first lose a limb in combat. If their abilities are good enough, they may be approached by a UEEF official promising them replacement limbs. All they have to do is go on various black ops missions in return. Jerry's Jumpers "retreat is... physically impossible" Jerry's Jumpers were founded by a fellow named Gerald Anders to fight insurgency on Mars during World War 5. They are known for their tendency to launch themselves out of spaceships with compressed gas, and fall down through the atmosphere, and land (obviously with the help of a parachute/wingsuit combo) near their target.


The UEEF is divided into several corps: Mobile Infantry, Space Corps, Armored Corps, Military Intelligence, Psychological Operations, and Section 3. Mobile Infantry: the soldiers. Space Corps: The navy Armored Corps: logistics and support Military intelligence: exactly what it sounds like Psychological operations: propaganda division Section 3: Special operations. S3 performs assassinations, intelligence gathering, et cetera.

Public Agenda

The UEEF's mandate is to protect the Empire of Man from both internal and external threats.


Many many tanks, artillery, other armored vehicles, billions of soldiers, one hundred and fifty ships in the fleet


They were originally formed by the Empire of Man to police the various human worlds.
Military, Other
Parent Organization
Empire of Man
Titan Fortress
Controlled Territories
Organization Vehicles
Notable Members

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