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(Smell of Turpentine)

"Are you saying that they communicate by smell?" asked Peter. "That would explain why they currently smell like sweat and cheap whiskey" muttered Jay.   (Smell of wine and burnt rubber) regarded the two aliens with curiosity. Like most of the aliens in the Magisterium, (no smell, smell of sweat, unidentified sweet smell)- sound talkers. It seemed they had never seen a (Smell of Turpentine) before

Basic Information

Anatomy & Morphology

Anatomically, their upper half is similar to humans, except for the mouth on their chest. Their lower half resembles a muscular spider. In all, 8 limbs.

Genetics and Reproduction

sexual reproduction, live birth, 6 month gestation

Additional Information

Facial characteristics

There is a large slit running down the middle of their face. Below that are 2 eyes

Average Intelligence

rather slow

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

SoT are named after whatever they smell like when they reach adulthood

Northern, Southern, Spaceborne
150 years
Average Physique

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