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Milky Way

The Milky Way is the galaxy that Pariah takes place in. It is a barred spiral galaxy, with a black hole at the center.


too much to list

Flora & Fauna

Species living in the Milky Way   Ansh Chadwa Cheen Clen Dolgoruk Elind Eth Geermn Genitor Hesp Hior Humans Knthx Makra Merekeen Rakini Reeg Rindt's Children Rixi-Chindoss Sechero Sest (Smell of Turpentine) Spog's Creatures Sun creatures Suvarine Traksko We Vin

Natural Resources

Anything you can think of! The entire periodic table's worth of elements hydrocarbons steel plasma wool plant fibers wood antibodies meat stone clay dirt ice other compounds water
Included Locations

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