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The Eth were originally a peaceful species of hunters who hunted large grazing animals on their home world. After a disease killed these creatures off, the Eth began to travel to other life-bearing planets in search of food.   While they are human-shaped from the neck down, that's where all similarities end.   "From the neck down, they were shaped like humans.  That was where the similarity ended.  The human-like parts were all a mottled grey. The skin almost looked ill fitting.  In some places, it was taut and unforgiving.  In others it hung limply off their massive frames.  There were eyes studded across the chest in a tight ring.  Their hands could only be called that because they were on the end of their arms, and consisted of a large claw, surrounded by several small talons.  Above the shoulders were two pyramid-shaped organs that could be called heads, if one used a little imagination.  They were the same mottled grey as the rest of the body, and each had a vertical slit in it, lined with teeth misshapen teeth."

Basic Information

Anatomy & Morphology

Bilateral symmetry. Organs spread into small nodes all across the body. Internal skeletal structure

Genetics and Reproduction

hermaphroditic, role depends on genitals used, give birth to live young, 3 year gestation period

Ecology and Habitats

can survive anywhere, up to and including the vacuum of space

Dietary Needs and Habits

Omnivorous, with a focus on meat. They prefer to hunt.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

The 5 senses, limited telepathy

Scientific Name
Daemonium Esuriit
200 years
Average Height
7 feet
Average Weight
200 pounds

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