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Empire of Man

The Empire of Man was formed after the Three-Hundred Year War, when a small think tank decided that a strong central power was needed to prevent more bloodshed.


Empress oversees everything. UEEF is Military Arm, everything else is divided into "Offices" (E.G. Office of Internal Security, Office of Public Health)

Public Agenda

keep the peace between the various human worlds


metal from asteroids, the UEEF (Troops, equipment, UEEF Space Corps, etc), Office of Internal Security


After the three nuclear wars (which destroyed Earth, and colonies on the moon and Mars, respectively), Mankind was plunged into a three hundred year war, with Io, Ganymede, and Europa on one side, and Ceres, Enceladus, and Haumea on the other. Eventually, an unnamed think tank realized that the war was going to continue, and likely wipe out Mankind unless a strong central government could unite the warring planets.
Geopolitical, Empire
Subsidiary Organizations
Controlled Territories

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  • 2175-2496 AD

    bombing of Io, beginning of 300 year war
    Military action

    A terrorist bombing on Io caused the death of the Ionian dictator and his family, leading the Jovians (Europans, Ionians, Ganymedeans) to seek retribution.

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  • 2496 AD

    Titan Accords
    Diplomatic action

    Peace talks occur in the UEEF's fortress on Titan. Outcome: 300 year war ends, Empire of Man formed

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