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Black Woods wedding

"We have come today to watch as Jay Teresc, of the Skymen, and Tree of Twisted River, of Black Woods, are joined in the same way as the Mother and the Father." announced the Speaker. She Stuck a flower in Tree's hair. "The gift of the Mother" She dribbled some water on Jay's head. "The gift of the Father" She dipped a soft stick into some grey paste, and gently pushed Tree's face down onto a table. Starting at Tree's ear, she drew a beautiful, swirling pattern all across her face. When she repeated the same with Jay, she started at his neck, sweeping across his jaw, up his chin, and across his lips. "I pronounce you bonded for life. You may now consummate!"
  "Oh dear" muttered Lana. Peter did his best not to laugh. This had taken quite a turn.
  Tree grabbed Jay and kissed him. The speaker threw an orange powder over the two of them.
  Everyone cheered.

Components and tools

brushing stick grey paste orange powder flower vial of water

Among the Black Woods Vin, to consummate doesn't mean the same thing it does among humans, hence Jay's confusion, it means the kiss at the end of the ceremony.
Related Ethnicities

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