Star Patrol

Main spaceborne military arm of the Stellar Compact.


Its primary responsibility is to keep the peace and enforce the Compact's judgements on member states. Its secondary mandate is to monitor space for new threats, natural or artificial.


Cosmopolitan in makeup, the Patrol does not discriminate with regards to who can join and works to ensure no major demographic group is left under-represented. It accepts recruits straight out of secondary education provided they pass a competency test to account for the variance in education systems throughout inhabited space.
Recruits who enlist are trained as spacemen/women to serve in Patrol ships and facilities, doing grunt work such as spacecraft maintenance and cargo inspections.
Applicants accepted to the Patrol Academy undergo university-level education including training aboard ships as cadets, and receive an officer's commission upon graduation.


It follows a naval rank system. Fresh recruits start out as cadets if they are training to become officers.
Uniforms are navy blue, with gold trim for officers and silver for enlisted crew.


The Star Patrol operates one of the largest fleets of ships in known space.
Founding Date
U.Y. 1
Military, Space navy
Parent Organization
Controlled Territories
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