Terran Renewel

The partial reconstitution of Terra's ecology following its devastation in the End of Earth and earlier time periods. It was spearheaded by resurgent human societies and by artilects with new technological innovations. It was in this time that Earth's identity finally changed in the public consciousness to that of "Terra", a world irrevocably altered from the one humans first rose to civilization on.
  Large areas of the planet were reseeded with plants and animals as its biosphere was restored, though the project ultimately opted not to attempt reversal of the planetary heating and sea-level rise which had occurred in centuries past and instead worked to adapt life to the new conditions. A new global civilization emerged, with a focus on sustainability and long-term thinking that its ancestors had sorely lacked. New uplift and posthuman species were developed during this time, notably the avens created by the artilect Helia.   Sadly, this work would not last. Terra was again devastated in numerous conflicts during the Second Interstellar Period, and entered the Interstellar Dark Ages as a mere shadow of its former glory.


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