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The Exploration Service is a Stellar Compact agency dedicated to gathering knowledge of space, its contents, and its inhabitants. Members include astrophysicists, xenologists, historians, and diplomats, who are assigned to tasks ranging from surveys to first contacts.


A civilian organization by statute, the Exploration Service reports to the Foreign Directorate of the Stellar Compact, which assigns missions and reviews findings. Members are officers who join on a contractual basis, there is no enlisted personnel unlike the Star Patrol.
Individual officers typically specialize in a particular line of work, and are assigned to expeditions under a commander.

Public Agenda

Its mandate centers around exploration, including astrophysical and planetary research, xenology, and first contact. All scientific data obtained is released free for any Stellar Compact member state to use.
  The Exploration Service conducts first contact missions, as it is considered impolitic for a military organization like the Star Patrol to do so.


The Service's history begins with the formation of the Stellar Compact, when civilization united in the aftermath of a devastating war in the hopes such a thing would never happen again. As the Interstellar Dark Ages ended, many star systems were recontacted and the advancement of knowledge resumed; the Exploration Service was established to further these and other goals.
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U.Y. 1
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    The Exploration Service is founded as part of the Stellar Compact.


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