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Paranatural Earth

Created by

This world is for a Fantasy/Sci-fi blending story that I've been working on-and-off of for over a year now. I don't actually have a name for the story itself yet, I've been putting more focus on actually writing the story itself first.   But basically, our main character (Neil Setter) was the witness for a crime and was snatched up by a spy agency as their only (findable) witness and is placed in their protective custody. He's very nervous about it but thinks he can pull off being a "normal" man until he's set loose again, as he's actually a magical being and had used his powers to escape the crime scene when he first fell into it by accident.   But then he finds out that the agency is full of people with Psychic Powers. An agency that thinks he's one of them, and he gets tangled up in their world trying to keep his secrets hidden and keep himself out of trouble.   What makes it worse? Is that the case that brought him under their radar may not be as non-magic-related as Neil would have liked.   (This is not a DnD game, just to clear that up. It's a story/comic that I'm working on.)