Club Deportivo Puerto Aleta

To be honest, I had no idea what Paradiso was before my ship had a sail malfunction on the way to Jamaica. When the sails went caput, the waves and the sharks guided me over the sea and I drifted for days. Then one day, like a dream, I saw something emerging in the horizon. Palm trees, a rocky beach, a port, a dirty town square with one pub dirtier than the other. With the guidance from the sharks, my boat and me were able to dock in the port and since that day I was one with Puerto Aleta. The people, the weather, the sharks, the rum, the food - how could I ever leave this town? And when the oppotrunity to bring the glorious sport of football to the town I most certainly were not going back home to Cartagena, Spain.
-José Luis Navegar
Club Deportivo Puerto Aleta comes from the town of Puerto Aleta and is owned by José Luis Navegar. They play their home games at El Parque de Puerto Aleta.

Home kit:

Away kit:

Third kit:
Club Deportivo Puerto Aleta
Los Tiburones
Puerto Aleta Island:

Teal and light green
Stadium (capacity):
El Parque de Puerto Aleta (200)
Famous players:


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