Guild: Keybearers

[Brief history and founding here]  

Member's List

  • Aki Nine Tales of the Summer Grasslands
  • Ashton Montague
  • Elinys Faewynn
  • Fenwyse Wildcloak
  • Gulnir Everflint
  • Hulmiir Riverwright
  • Ka’Lem Servantez
  • M'zira Silverhawk of Urthspyre
  • Miaqirelle Ianhana
  • Nym Minuvir
  • Puzzle-seeker of The Ashenwood
  • Qithana Sinnodel
  • Sarissa Garland
  • Simon Beltihr
  • (KIA)
  • Swiftstalker of the Crystal Fields
  • Vardan Underbane
  • Yafyire Xuric
  • Structure

    The guild is run by an inner circle of founding members, who delegate most of the day to day responsibilities to their guild officers. Matters the effect the future of the entire guild or adventuring direction, are only discussed at the top most level.   Founders, Officers, Tradesmen, Recruits


    The leader of the Guild: Pathfinders is very close friends with some of the founding members of the Guild: Keybearers guild.


    They Guild: Keybearers are responsible for nearly destroying all of the Guild: Crescent Sword in a skirmish that took place in the Realm 6: The Grand City bathhouse.

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