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Floor 2: The Crystal Fields

Beyond the Urthspyre Gate lies a plane engulfed by naturally occurring crystalline structures, and wide open spaces. The Crystal Fields was first discovered by a small party of adventurers who managed to conquer the Urthspyre Maze. These adventurers would later, go on to found the planes first settlement, known as Crystonia.    



Areas of Interest


The fields are covered with crystal deposits varying in color from ranged of dull light blue, to vibrant pink. These deposits create a barrier between the dangerous hunting grounds that make up the overwhelming majority of the fields. Newer adventurers fall victim to the intricate network of caverns found beneath the pink, grassy, soil.   The realm is sealed off by a large crystalline barrier that seems to crater or blockade the fields in total isolation. Some adventurers have attempted to use magic spells or items to scale/fly over these sizable cliffs, but have failed repeatedly as the journey is far unimaginable.

Flora & Fauna

Creatures and plants here have seemed to taken on the hues and shades of the crystalline environment. Whereas the sparse plants are different variations of pink, creatures have evolved crystals into their very biology. Some of the creatures found here range from Crystal Axe Beaks, to Crystal Allosauruses.

Natural Resources

Crystalline Deposits allow for the mining of a unique resource with properties perfect for enchantments.
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