Fenwyse Wildcloak

Halfling Circle of the Shepherd Druid

Fenwyse Arigwen Wildcloak (a.k.a. Fen)

Coming from generations of artisans, Fenwyse grew up surrounded by various trinkets, jewelry, pottery, paintings, and other such pieces. Though she always found them beautiful, she never had the creative drive. She would periodically slip into the town square with a handful of her family's creations, pawning them off to the merchants who would make fairer coin. She had a knack for the conversation, knowing the history behind the items she was selling, always talking up the value of her wares.   At first, her parents urged her to take up an artisanal craft, but she continued to refuse. It caused some strife through her early teenage years, but when Fenwyse pawned one of her grandfather's paintings off to a family friend without realizing it, the buyer told her parents of her innate skill and eye for quality. Eventually, they offered to support her, giving her the wares she needed to start her own business.   After stagnating sales from tough competition and the loss of an employee who was slain while searching for materials, Fenwyse needed more time away from Wildcloak Wares to source higher-quality components for her family to utilize in their endeavors.

Mental characteristics


Owner and proprietor of the Wildcloak Wares stall in one of the town squares in Urthspyre. She currently has one employee, her younger brother, but seeks to expand again as soon as she can support multiple associates.   Torn between her desires, Fenwyse seeks to establish a proper shop for her family's artisanal crafts along with the trinkets and oddities she finds on her adventures, but also wants refuge from the bustle of city living. Perhaps her future holds an answer for both?

Failures & Embarrassments

Six months ago, Fenwyse lost one of her employees to the harsh creatures who prowl the Hunting Grounds at night. Finding herself somewhere between distress and disdain, she took it upon herself to begin procuring her own material components, thus inserting herself into the world of adventure.

Intellectual Characteristics

  • Highly logical, but quick to decide, periodically resulting in poor choices.
  • Incredibly persuasive with a smooth tongue, especially when "talking shop" with someone. Sometimes loses track of what she's doing and ruins her own arguments.
  • Has a natural knack for linguistics, and speaking new languages comes naturally to her; reading and writing takes significantly more time to master.
  • Enjoys music but has absolutely zero talent of her own in that regard.

Personality Characteristics


Zen Garden: The natural world is more peaceful than the constant noise and constructs of civilization, but the hustle and bustle is where I belong.

Virtues & Personality perks

Highly protective of wildlife and fey creatures deemed unable to protect themselves. Scornful of those who hunt for sport instead of survival.

Vices & Personality flaws

Easily distracted, unable to carry long conversations.

Personality Quirks

Oddly intense in unnecessary situations.


Contacts & Relations

  • Miaqirelle Ianhana. First met at my shop while searching for an exquisite Dragonchess Set. Successfully upsold a set made from bronze instead, and Mia invited me to test the durability of the pieces by playing in the nearby square.

Family Ties

  • Flynras Wildcloak. Younger brother by three years. Glassblower.
  • Flynrich & Arifice Wildcloak. Father & mother, respectively. Both are potters, and met while sharing a kiln.


Fenwyse Wildcloak

Friend (Vital)

Towards Miaqirelle Ianhana



Miaqirelle Ianhana

Friend (Vital)

Towards Fenwyse Wildcloak




Met in the merchant square while Fenwyse peddled some wares. Played some dragonchess together, Fen won, and so the bond formed. Whether enjoying nature or a drink together, they often find themselves in the other’s graces.

Nicknames & Petnames

Mia calls Fenwyse Fen, but only Mia is allowed do that.

Relationship Reasoning

Great compatibility as friends.

Neutral Good
Current Location
Year of Birth
446 ERA2 22 Years old
Biological Sex
Bright, crystal blue eyes
Shoulder-length black hair, often kept in an updo of sorts
43 lbs
Aligned Organization
Guild: Keybearers
Known Languages
  • Halfling - native tongue, completely fluent in both written and spoken language.
  • Common - learned at a young age, completely fluent in both written and spoken language with no discernible accent.
  • Druidic - learned through her early teenage years as she began to attune to nature. Completely fluent.
  • Elvish - learned after taking up a career path as a merchant. Fluent spoken, mostly fluent written.
  • Dwarvish - learned after taking up a career path as a merchant. Fluent spoken, struggles with written text.


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