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Western Hamlet

In the south lies a small hamlet named Ashenwillow. The quaint cozy hamlet sits between the grasslands, and a dense forest.   A singular rough dirt road runs between sets of small stone-wooden-framed cottages. The hay roofs glow in the bright hue of the rising and setting sun.   A stone barrier sits between the forest, and the hamlet, with a path splitting through the center. The pathway follows a fresh water creek toward the ocean.   At the front of the town stands a slightly larger building, which seems to be two cottages smashed together.   Groups of mostly men are moving up and down the dirt streets, patrolling. They appear mildly equipped, and are presumably a regulated militia.


Elf, Goliath, Human, Tabaxi


Town Mayor who appoints a treasurer, and militia leader.


A moderately regulated militia of about 35 men/woman 80%men, 20% woman


Exports - Stone, Lumber   Import - Fish, Grain


The Sleepy Willow - A two story cottage repurposed as a travelers inn, and pub. Attached to the side of the building is a wooden framed trading post used for temporarily storing incoming goods to the hamlet.   Town Hall - Two cottages smashed together to form the townhall, and a militia barracks.   Cottages - Several small cottages, made of wood, and hay roofs (x30)   Sloop Dock - Small loading dock for sloops, and mariners cottage just slightly outside the hamlet down the path   Mayor's House A cozy single room stone cottage, about half the size of a normal dwelling.   Sawmill - An elevated outdoor platform used for cutting/splitting timber   Hay Farm - A locally owned hay farm with a small overlooking cottage   Stone Barrier- Small mining quarry with an outdoor smithy


Stone Quarry, Ashenwood Forest, Hay Farm, sloop dock


Ashenwillow was constructed to have easier access to the Ashenwood (forest near by).


Buildings here are typically made of a combination of stone, with wooden frame, and a hay roof.


Ashenwillow sits between two hunting grounds, one an open grassland, the other a forest teaming with malicious creatures. A small quarry sits on the backside of hamlet, which breaks away to a path following a small creek toward the sea.

Natural Resources

    • Wood
    • Sand
  • Stone
  • Alternative Name(s)
    Ash Town, Ashen Willow, the Willows
    99 Civilians, 3 Government , 35 Militia (137)
    Inhabitant Demonym
    Location under
    Realm 1: The Isle
    Included Locations
    The Sleepy Willow


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