468yr/07/08 ERA2

"Paradise." To most its just a fancy word, a way to describe the unattainable. For others its a goal. Your journey starts on a landmass which is surrounded on all sides by seemingly infinite sea.   At the heart of the northern most city, "Urthspyre" stands a grand tower that stretches into the endless sky. At its base, sit giant stone doors, apparently sealed by some ancient magic.   Countless adventurers have traversed the surrounding landscape in search of a way to enter the tower. However, there is a strange catch to this world. Creatures respawn, chests materialize with rewards, and powerful boss like monsters protect great secrets.   Centuries of failures leaves the population growing ever disinterested. Today, life continues in the harsh environment, as if the ancient tower is nothing more than a backdrop to the mundane.   But one day, everything a new generation sets out.