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King Headquarters

In the middle of Hightown facing one of the many large open squares here sits the headquarters of King.   It is a tall skyscraper with a large metal K on the side of it. The building also has the ability to convert to a large screen to use for press conferences or just advertising.   The building consists of mostly offices and conference rooms but also has floors dedicated to showrooms. The building is 87 floors high. Sindra King has an office on the 85th floor, the top floors is for conferences and on the roof there is a helipad. The bottom 8 floors are for guest with show rooms and similar. The rest is a mix of offices and leuisure areas for the employees of the building.   There is a secret floor only accessible from a few elevators between the 55th and 56th floor (so the actual building height is actually 88 floors).   There is also a garage under the building.   The building also has a blocked of area in the first floor as well in the garage with elevators that go down in to caverns beneath the building.

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