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In the north east part of the main islands you find Hightown. Called this due to the fact that it is situated higher than the rest of them. Originally this was a volcano but is now dormant since the impact.   Due to the irregularity of the terrain the houses here are situated on a snake like pattern up the mountain.   Hightown has a mix of large skycrapers filled with fancy over the top apartments. To big shopping malls where you can buy the most expensive things money can buy such as antiques, fancy cars and designer clothes.   Cyborgs also walk the streets here ready to assist with anything you may need, a personal benefit that the residents have that live here. There has been some protests about Gold Tours use of cyborgs as essentially glorified slaves in this area.   Most of the residents would prefer if hightown was walled of similar to Eastview but has failed in doing so. So visiting hightown is allowed, however, security personell will find any reason possible to kick you out if you are not a resident of this area. A lot of people here use personal helicopters to get in and out of work, often in the Financial district .

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