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Paradise Islands

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Paradise Islands is a group of islands situated in the middle of the pacific ocean. It once used to be one big island, but after a big meteor impact in the 1960 which caused ever lasting ramification across the world it split in to several island. The big crater from the impact can be seen in the middle of one of the larger islands.   Paradise Islands (originally Paradise Island) got it's name from the exotic flora and fauna that used to be here. Rare species of birds that were not seen anywhere else housed here, as well as nesting turtles and whales that used to live around the island.   For a long time, the only humans on the island were scientists, studying the wildlife, as well as a few hundred inhabitants that called the massive island it's home.   After the impact however everything changed.   Nowadays the islands are filled with skycrapers, huge apartment complexes, megastructures of all kinds and litte wildlife anywhere.   With the large criminal orginazations controlling massive parts of the city, the huge industries pumping out weapons and augmentations and the crazy religious fanatics desperate to upload us all... Well, the name "Paradise Islands" couldn't be any more wrong.     But if you are one of those wanting to make a quick buck, either by avoiding taxes, working for the mafia, smuggling drugs on or off the islands or maybe just sell your soul to the security firm... Well then my friend, welcome to paradise.

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