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Rowan's Self-Balancing Limbs

The new assisted walking device "Rowan's Self-Balancing Limbs" has been a topic of much interest lately. The device consists of two fairly common, albeit bulky, prosthetic legs, connected at the waist, and with an external power source sitting near the lower back. But what's most interesting, is that these legs are hollow, allowing for users who still have legs to wear it, without needing to amputate those who have weak limbs. I myself do not fully understand the inner workings of it, but suffice to say it is a whole new way to allow those without proper motor functions to walk.
— Andalar Frink, medical researcher of the Boarbank Sanatorium
"Rowan's Self-Balancing Limbs" are a type of external prosthetic that allows the wearer to walk unassisted. Though bulkier than common prosthetic legs, they are able to be worn by those who have not lost their legs, but have lost the ability to properly walk with them. The limbs are typically made of brass and steel, with leather straps to hold them on. Only the sides and joints of the legs are covered, with the rest visible among the various straps. Despite their hollowness, user report them still being quite heavy, mainly a result of the power source located behind the lower back.
Parent Technologies
The inventor, as the name would suggest, was Lord Rowan of Western Tellerve. Lord Rowan has been an avid tinkerer for much of his life, as well as quite the loving father, according to servants of the Rowan's mansion. Lord Rowan's daughter is said to have been injured as a child, and lost the ability to walk. Lord Rowan, unwilling to have her limbs amputated, invented his miraculous self-balancing limbs as a way for her to walk again. Lord Rowan himself was born in the Kingdom of Brozan, though his mother hailed from Tellerve. It is unknown how exactly he ended up in Tellerve.
Access & Availability
Though not yet widespread, it is believe by many that it will quickly do so. However, just as many believe it will not outcompete common prosthetics, particularly with its difficult manufacturing process.
Though similar to common prosthetic limbs, they are a deal more difficult to create, particularly finding the proper size gemstones to fit in the limbs, and creating the balancing mechanisms.

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