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ES Earthbane

The vessel, originally christened the USS Farsight, was commissioned by an Askarian member of the Explorers' Guild. The ship was donated to the guild, and later adapted into the ES Earthsbane, being retrofitted with a collapsible envelope and flight capabilities.
The center of the deck is occupied by a large hatch, which is used to release the envelope when needed. The envelope itself is quite large, its bottom section being open to allow hot air in. The air is heated via gemforged heaters, and connected to a set of controls by the ship's wheel via zepine wires.
The ship is propelled by wind engines, an array of large sapphires inverted by dysacrite to push air away from the ship. While at sea, the ship has a set of water churners, which use lapis to pull the ship along.
The ship is able to fully submerge via sapphires holding an air bubble to the ship, with obsidian gemstones being used to regulate the ship's weight. It has three levels of buoyancy: negative, neutral, and positive. Unlike some fancier undersea ships, it does not have additional fine tuning of buoyancy, and is not rated for any depth below 50 meters.
The ship is designed for exploration by a fairly small crew, and carries no armament. From bow to stern, the ship is roughly 18 meters, and over 7 meters wide. It has 3 layers, with the third being smaller than the rest, located near the stern.
The Earthbane was the first vessel to prove that Lake Broadleaf drains into The Below, by diving to the bottom of the lake and eventually sailing out from a sinkhole near The Frozen Valley.
The Earthbane Upper Deck by 2 Minute Tabletop, edited by Robotics (Me)
Owning Organization
18 Meters

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Cover image: by Robotics5


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30 Sep, 2021 19:41

Man do you seem to have your magic system figured out. good job on that. interesting to have it be both a under-water and air ship.

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2 Oct, 2021 03:57

Thank you! I've had a lot of fun with my magic system. As for it being both underwater and an airship, it's due to plot reasons. I've got a (very wip) story set in this world as well, and it needed to be able to fly.

1 Oct, 2021 15:13

Nice that it flies, sails and dives!

2 Oct, 2021 03:57

It does indeed! Hence the name