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Dawn Paladin Armor

A man strode across the horizon, wreathed in the light of dawn
— Unknown
  Armor worn by paladins of the Knights of Dawn. A layer of chainmail covered in full metal plate armor, aside from the legs and hands. The legs are instead covered by a heavy cloth combat skirt, which displays the colors of the Knights of Dawn, and allows for more mobility than with full leg armor. The hands are left free aside from a wrist guard, to allow the wearer unrestricted magic usage.  

Dawn Paladin Armor by Robotics5 (Me)

  The armor's materials are rather mundane. Ordinary steel and brass are the main components, nothing unique. The cloth is typically made of gambeson, with a thinner layer of dyed fire-retardant cloth for coloration and reduced flammability. Cloths are replaced long before their color fades, and armor is always kept polished to a sheen, all the better to strike fear in the hearts of evil. This level of care is also a surefire way to distinguish a paladin's armor from common plate.   The materials may be mundane, but it's the design that truly matters. The helmet is simple design with a full visor, which protects the paladin's entire head. The center strip of metal on the helmet is meant to resemble the crest of a phoenix, and a handful of paladins add feathers or cloth to further highlight this detail. The chest piece, though similar to most plate armor, has a defined point in the chest reminiscent of a phoenix's beak. The arms are made from several individual segments of plate armor, overlaid with a secondary layer to protect the joints. The boots, pauldrons, and poleyns are all pointed to resemble the symbol for fire and a phoenix's beak.   Traditionally, the pauldrons are adorned with feathers or cloth cut to resemble them. Due to their flammability, nowadays most paladins forego these embellishments, though some have feather patterns etched into the metal of the pauldrons.
Dawn paladin pauldron designs by Robotics5(Me)
A paladin of the Knights of Dawn by Robotics5 (Me)
Item type
The Knights of Dawn
Organization | Aug 6, 2021

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Cover image: Dawn Paladin Armor by Robotics5 (Me)

Dawn Paladin Armor Stats

Stats of a full set of Dawn Paladin Armor.

Armor PieceDefense ModifierStamina ModifierPerception Modifier


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Eternal Sage AmélieIS
Amélie I. S. Debruyne
23 May, 2021 14:07

This is a really pretty armour, that orange-yellow is very striking and go well with the "dawn" part of their name :D   Do they really need to not wear anything on their hand or would they be able to have leather gloves for example?   Small note, you need to add author credits for your images to take part in the challenge, even if you are the author yourself :)

To see what I am up to, see the list of my Summer Camp articles—my favourite is Sentient Cells.
23 May, 2021 17:43

Thanks for the tip! I've now added credit (to myself).   As for the gloves, it's more for comfort & safety than anything. Some do wear partial gauntlets extending over the fingers and the backs of the hands, but the palm is where most of their magic is expelled from. With a combination of fire and light magic, it's not a good idea to have metal in the way of that. The metal would either heat up (painful), or block most of the light.

Eternal Sage AmélieIS
Amélie I. S. Debruyne
28 May, 2021 09:03

I love the new illustrations you've made :D

To see what I am up to, see the list of my Summer Camp articles—my favourite is Sentient Cells.
24 May, 2021 18:14

Really nice drawing you made for the armour especially the colors you used! On discord you asked for some feedback so I thougt I would give some here :) The text that you have is already a good description of how the armor looks and starting with a quote is always a nice idea.   To improve the article you could add some history of the armor or about the knights of dawn themselves. You do have a link to the knights themselves which is good but perhaps you could elaborate a bit on the link between the knights and the armor. You could also add perhaps a bit more about the manufacturing process. But of course that depends on how long you would want to make the article. These are of course just some ideas it is fully up to you how long you want to make it :)

Feel free to check out my River challenge article and my Secrets in the swamp Adventure article if you want to see what I am up to!
29 May, 2021 09:29

Oh I see now that you have added some additional images for the pauldrons. The feather one looks very nice!

Feel free to check out my River challenge article and my Secrets in the swamp Adventure article if you want to see what I am up to!
25 May, 2021 07:31

The Armour is quite nice and I like the colour you have used. Did they take the inspiration for the design in particular god or is it inspired the sun?

25 May, 2021 16:01

It's a combination of the sun & the colors of the Great Phoenix. (Haven't yet moved details about gods from google docs to here)

25 May, 2021 11:12

I love the palette you have for this armour! A nice and short article, lovely work :)

Author of Arda Almayed - check out my SummerCamp articles here!
Master Alixzere
John Johnson
25 May, 2021 16:47

Cool, yet simple, armor. I love it !

27 May, 2021 21:14

I love the art of your armor! It’s very cool, and I like the description of the variants with cloth or feathers on the pauldrons!

Come and take a look around my world, Totania!
If you'd like, also check out my Tavern Challenge Entry, The Gilded Camphor.
28 May, 2021 00:16

Thanks! I'll be adding an image of those soon

29 May, 2021 04:01

Awesome design for the armor! Really good stuff!   I did wish you would write more about it though. You even state that "the armor itself is rather mundane" and there's not a lot more to the article than that. Beautiful design, but I always like a good article to accompany it.

Let us unite against the enemies of Album!
29 May, 2021 23:56

Ah, thank you for noticing the typo. I meant to say "the armor's materials are rather mundane". I've now fixed that.   You're right, I should definitely add more of a description, I felt it was redundant with the actual image being there.

29 May, 2021 19:47

I say you did quite well with this, to you base this off hero forge armor it looks just like it.

May you forever find your way on the journey you set out on and make yourself greater.
The Sagas world cover
29 May, 2021 23:54

Yep! I started with a heroforge screenshot, drew over it, then edited the design from there

30 May, 2021 09:25

I really like those stylized pauldrons! That's a great detail, on top of the explanation on where the various forms came from.

30 May, 2021 19:26


4 Jun, 2021 13:48

Great article!! The illustrations are awesome!!. The idea of pauldrons an certain parts of the armor resembling a phoenix's beak is really interesting!!. Very good work!!!

5 Jun, 2021 02:43

Thank you! :D

Sage eccbooks
E. Christopher Clark
12 Jun, 2021 16:13

I've seen the great art for this around on the Discord for a while. Nice to finally see how it pairs with your writing. Great work!

Check out my progress for Summer Camp 2022
15 Jun, 2021 22:48